Climate Change Activists Making A Change

As climate change progresses, the consequences of our neglect are quickly becoming apparent. With temperatures rising and severe weather events occurring more frequently, to the detriment of vulnerable groups around the globe, climate change activists are now working in full force to bring about much-needed change. Here are a few climate change activists to keep an eye on.


Greta Thunberg

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Greta Thunberg has made a name for herself as a committed activist, especially for the climate change movement. Thunberg began her activism in 2018; after learning about the impact of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere and the subsequent effects on our climate, Thunberg decided to voice her concerns through protests.

Thunberg’s landmark protest began as a simple strike, soon gaining recognition as a powerful message of the world’s youths discontent with climate management. The School Strike for Climate is now conducted by various schools around the world to raise awareness and support for climate change.


Patience Nabukalu

A Ugandan-based activist, Patience Nabukalu, speaks for underrepresented communities that are often overshadowed by their developed peers. Nabukalu puts the blame for our climate instability squarely on the shoulders of world leaders who failed to keep up with their promises. 

Traveling to the Cop26 in 2021, she was one of a few select people that were given the opportunity to voice their opinions, and she did not shy away from following through with her message. Unimpressed with the new promises proposed by global superpowers, she took to the streets to rejoin her Fridays for Futures colleagues to rally and plead for a real commitment.


Vic Barrett

Many young climate activists speak about their passion for climate change; however, few have had the first-hand experience of Vic Barrett. Hailing from New York, Barrett saw the horror and destruction of a severe climate event when Hurricane Sandy made its way to his hometown. Seeing the frightening effects of climate change, Barrett dedicated himself to stopping climate change. He now acts as a Fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education.

greta thunberg

Eyal Weintraub

Giving a voice to Latin American youths seeking to drive the climate change movement forward, Eyal Weintraub leads one of Argentina’s largest climate change organizations. Weintraub started Jóvenes por el Clima Argentina with his colleagues to help bring together the country’s young activists to focus their efforts on a single goal. His critical examination of Argentina’s economy has brought the shortcomings of agricultural states to the forefront of the climate change discussion. Particularly their overexploitation and ecologically unfriendly farming techniques.


Mayumi Sato

This Japanese-born activist has sought to educate herself on the impacts of climate change, not only on the natural environment but on people as well. She has worked closely with communities that have been displaced because of the effects of dramatic climate change and increasingly more common climate events. Another one of her focuses for activism has been government and commercial natural resource extraction, which often comes at the cost of communities in these areas, as well as disruptions to the local microclimate and overall global climate change.

Patience Nabukalu standing with signs

Key Takeaways

  • Most climate activists are young, as they have a vested interest in preserving the natural world.
  • The youth are also more willing to make sacrifices to achieve their goals, inspiring their activism.
  • Powerful activists can be found across the globe, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.