Companies That Utilize Cedar For Their Products

If you're interested in sustainability, you may want to look into one of our planet's most sustainable materials, cedarwood. This wood is widely considered a highly sustainable product because of its durability, prevalence, and ecologically friendly growing methods. Cedar trees grow in abundance in many managed forests, using minimal labor and water and ultimately contributing to much less air and water pollution.

Recognizing this, many companies have sought to use cedar in their manufacturing and production. Here are just a few companies utilizing cedar to make sustainable products.

Grain Surfboards

Going against the grain, so to speak, Grain Surfboards strive to bring sustainability back to their industry. Many people familiar with surfing will attest to the ecologically unfriendly materials used to make traditional surfboards, including foam, polyurethane, and epoxy, all of which have harmful effects on the ocean and the wider environment.

Grain Surfboards substitute these materials with sustainable wood. All of their materials are locally grown, sustainably harvested, and ethically made.


This company is perhaps the most abstract one on this list. Instead of creating fully made products, Tsumiki focuses on empowering their customers with the ability to create what they want, when they want it. They supply triangular wooden blocks that can be stacked or combined in various ways to create structures.

These structures could be as simple as a beautiful sculpture or as complex and intentional as a pavilion. But the best thing about Tsumiki products are their sustainability initiatives. Their blocks are made out of Japanese cedar and produced using Forest Stewardship Council Certified cedarwood.

Caran d'Ache

As an art supply company, Caran d'Ache strives to help their customers realize their creative ambitions, much like our previous entry. However, their mission sticks to a more traditional route, providing art supplies in the form of pencils, coloring pencils, paints, and more.

However, a particularly notable aspect of their products are the materials they use. Caran d'Ache uses Premium Forest Stewardship Council Certified cedarwood, sourced from their long-standing partnership with the California Cedar Products Company.

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The Cedar Roof Company

Although a little known fact, shingles and roofing in many historical North American homes were originally made from the abundant cedarwood in the region. The Cedar Roof Company works alongside architects to help renovate historical buildings utilizing cedar roofing.

They also work directly with customers to help them achieve modern, elegant rooftops made from cedarwood. Their customers enjoy not only the long-lasting durability of their cedar roofs but the qualities that make cedar the perfect material for your home, such as insect repellent scents and rot resistance.


Surrey Cedar

Like the previous entry, Surrey Cedar creates cedar attachments for buildings and structures, as well as select cedar furniture pieces. Some of their products include fencing, sheds, playhouses, and doghouses. They also offer furniture such as chairs, swings, benches, and picnic tables. In addition to being an abundant and sustainable lumber, Surrey Cedar utilizes cedar because of its pleasant, insect repellent scents, rot resistance, and longevity.

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