Companies That Want To Help You Eliminate Plastic From Your Life

With environmental awareness increasing as we delve deeper into the 21st century, it’s becoming more important for businesses to get on board with sustainable practices. The plastic crisis has reached alarming levels, affecting both humans and a range of animal species. So, with plastic pollution becoming such a problem, which companies are stepping up and helping customers eliminate plastic? Read on to find out.



Evian has become a leading company in going both plastic-free and carbon neutral. This French company introduced an innovative zero-carbon bottling plant, taking the first big step towards great change across the whole business model. By 2025, Evian aims to produce water bottles that are impressively 100% recycled.


Revolution Bag

Whilst not as famous as Evian, Revolution Bag is also taking bold steps in trying to eliminate customers’ plastic usage and wastage. Using plastics that are not recycled at standard facilities, the company constructs garbage bags. Then, they supply the bags to clients, with some of the main ones being Nashville Zoo and the city of Austin.



This startup company utilizes a natural solution to replace plastic wrap, a common household product. This material aims to mimic natural fruit and vegetable rinds and peels. Each hemp-and-cotton cloth is also infused with tree resin, beeswax, and jojoba oil and can be washed and reused. The lifespan of each sheet is around a year, making them much more environmentally efficient than plastic wrap sheets.



This company is developing the Loop system, something which strives to sell products in reusable containers. The company also gives consumers the opportunity to purchase and drop off the containers at shops.


Sand Straw

Sand Straw is bringing attention to the animals we harm, so each Sand Straw is designed by their team to ensure quality and uniqueness. You will know it's a Sand Straw by the unique color combinations and connection to each animal.



This company strives to create kitchen items out of sustainable bamboo material. This covers anything a chef could want, including chopping boards, serving utensils, and serving trays, amongst other things.


Klean Kanteen

This company seeks to eliminate plastic usage by making a range of stainless-steel bottles, tumblers, and cups. This aims to replace single-use drinks, which are thrown away in the masses every single day.



This company uses sustainable bamboo to construct toothbrushes. This eradicates the necessity to use and dispose of plastic equivalents. These items can be simply recycled or composted and come packaged in plastic-free, compostable material.

Marketing Takeaways

Anyone can take away the knowledge that plastic can be harmful to your business since it can put customers off from purchasing your products. Secondly, businesses can learn a lot from injecting sustainable approaches into their brand. 

Thirdly, businesspeople can take away the knowledge that removing plastic usage can strengthen a brand through meaningful and attractive values. An environmental message can boost the success of any organization.