Eco-Friendly Athletic Brands You Should Look Into

Our natural world can be an almost bottomless source of enjoyment and adventure. Many naturalists, as well as those on a fitness journey, often feel closer to the environment and seek ways to ensure its preservation. Here are a few eco-friendly athletic brands you should look into if you want to make sure your athleticwear is sustainable. 


This company was founded by Yvon Chouinard, an established rock climber, and dedicated environmentalist. He initially began by selling hand-made outdoor clothing and gear but eventually scaled up his company to sell a broader range of products with the same care and quality as his earlier work.

Patagonia now offers everything from simple and comfortable athletic clothing to advanced outdoor gear. Keeping to its roots, Patagonia also takes many green initiatives. Aside from being a Certified B Corp and Fair Trade Certified, Patagonia also uses eco-friendly materials and practices on all its lines.


A company that has been deeply involved with environmental awareness and conservation from its very conception, Everlane has produced a wide variety of clothing, from everyday wear to athletic wear. Their recent activewear lines were created from recycled nylons and polyesters, removing all virgin plastics from their products and supply chain.

However, Everlane’s most important offering has always been its transparency. Everything from their costs and markups to details about their sourcing and use of ethical materials has been made publicly available.

Girlfriend Collective

As the name suggests, Girlfriend Collective caters to women, particularly in activewear. They offer quality clothing and athletic gear made from sustainable fabrics or recycled materials. For example, many of their pieces are made from recycled plastic bottles or fishing nets. 

They also use sustainable materials in their manufacturing, such as eco-friendly dyes. But perhaps the most stand-out feature of Girlfriend Collective is their range. Many people with unique physiques struggle to find clothing to fit them appropriately, let alone eco-friendly clothing. However, this is where Girlfriend Collective shines, offering clothing from XXS to 6XL.

Girl in fitness attire

An activewear and swimwear brand based in Los Angeles, Wolven focuses on sustainability through an examination of its supply chain.

They primarily use recycled materials in their activewear lines and exclusively work with manufacturers who adhere to strict humanitarian and sustainability regulations. Wolven reports on every aspect of their supply chain and offsets their shortcomings wherever possible. They do regular carbon-offset initiatives, as well as rainforest conservation and methane capture through a partnership with Climate Neutral.


This fashion brand focuses on designing and producing activewear and outdoor clothing, using sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel. Tentree is always seeking more innovative solutions to their problems, setting an example of a sustainability-first model for the fashion industry.

However, they never fail to take into consideration the comfort of their customers, incorporating innovations such as eco-friendly dye and zinc-based additives to help maintain optimum odor, moisture, and bacteria control. Tentree continually changes its products to stay ahead of the curb, making groundbreaking sustainable fashion available to everyone.

Girl in fitness attire
Actionable Takeaways
  • Most sustainable brands succeed by implementing transparency, eco-friendly materials, and offset initiatives. 
  • Using sustainable manufacturing or materials does not mean a sacrifice in quality or comfort. 
  • The top sustainable brands always begin with a passion for sustainability that drives their mission forward.