Eco-Friendly Bedding For Your Home

If you want to begin taking action to become more eco-friendly, there are so many different things to think about. This includes food choices, home furniture, and clothing, amongst countless other things. This even involves something as simple as your bedding. So, to help you in this eco-friendly journey, let’s take a look at some of the best eco-friendly bedding below!

Wearth London

Wearth London is a brand committed to providing ethical and eco-friendly bedding for customers worldwide, all constructed from organic materials, including bamboo.


You may be surprised that H&M has made this list due to its past reputation for selling fast fashion. However, this brand has recently decided to improve its credentials and is dedicated to offering recyclable and sustainably sourced materials in its bedding sets. Its 100% linen selection is also incredibly affordable, making it accessible to the average household looking to improve its sustainable approaches whilst keeping a budget in mind.

Eve Sleep

This brand offers a wide range of bamboo and linen blend sleep products that are designed to last a long time. By using classic sustainable materials, the resources that Eve Sleep use are renewable and do not utilize harmful chemicals in their manufacturing processes. Thus, consumers’ minds can be put to rest that this is a fantastic and friendly company to buy from.


This brand’s bedding is as soft as they say it is. Providing eco-friendly linen bedding, Bedfolk’s sets are luxuriously soft, sophisticatedly designed, and even Oeko-Tex certified.

La Redoute

This brand’s bedding incorporates Oeko-Tex certified materials so that consumers can be sure that no toxic or harmful substances have been used in the manufacturing process of these bedding collections.

Key Takeaways

There are many things that bedding consumers can take from this article, especially in a context where perspectives on our environment are changing more than ever.

  • You can learn that change is essential when it comes to caring for our environment. Even something as simple as bedding needs to be changed to work towards sustainability.
  • Secondly, brands offering eco-friendly bedding may be able to generate a lot of success since consumers are continuously on the lookout for environmentally friendly products which are kind to our planet. Indeed, many consumers have even started to boycott the more harmful companies, showing just how influential the environment is in business.
  • Finally, it’s obvious that individuals can indeed make a difference. Each small change creates less of a toxic burden on our planet, meaning that you should think about buying eco-friendlier bedding today!