Eco-Friendly Podcast Hosts You Must Listen To

As we continuously strive towards a more sustainable future, you might be wondering how you can further delve into eco-friendly practices. You can do this by embracing eco-friendly podcasts and listening to what these hosts say. To learn more about the best ones out there, read on!

Laura Alexander Wittig and Liza Moiseeva: Good Together

Good Together is a podcast encompassing ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable living. With both hosts being ethical experts, these women are here to give you tips on living life more sustainably. This is the ideal podcast for you if you’re curious about living a zero-waste lifestyle and learning how to get involved with slow fashion and the circular economy.

Ceara Carney: Book of Leaves

Nature enthusiast and Irish actor Ceara Carney intends to share eco-friendly education on Book of Leaves. By discussing critical topics with other entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, vegans, and others doing their bit for our planet, this podcast talks to listeners about waste, pollution, and other crises that need to be tackled with a range of solutions!

Michael Markarian: The Sustainable Packaging Show

This podcast, hosted by Michael Markarian, is dedicated to sustainable packaging. By generating awareness of packaging, the show hopes to inspire global brands to adopt more eco-friendly alternatives in their own company approaches. In this host’s mission to end greenwashing in packaging worldwide, tune in to educate yourself on the different perspectives on green packaging.

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Laura Diez: Eco Chic

Eco Chic is an eco-conscious lifestyle podcast ideal for any listener wanting to learn more about practical climate science and sustainability. By exploring environmental justice, fashion, and food, Laura Diez helps consumers become conscious of their personal impact on the planet. This show invites guests like clean beauty experts, political experts, and climate scientists to inject education and encouragement into every listener’s daily life.

Petria Leggo-Field: The Sustainable Shift Podcast

Hosted by Petria Leggo-Field, The Sustainable Shift Podcast is a show focused on helping your eco-company generate a more significant impact. Thus, your company may become more visible and create more sales. Petria covers actionable steps towards gaining exposure as a sustainable business whilst juggling other tribulations, such as motherhood. This podcast is often described as a community of people who are there to get educated, inspired, and motivated.

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What can you take away from what eco-friendly podcast hosts are doing?

There is much to learn from eco-friendly podcast hosts. 

  • First, they demonstrate that changing our world all starts with being educated. By being educated about what is happening around you, you can begin to implement specific eco-friendly changes to improve our planet’s wellbeing.
  • Next, it’s evident that there is a market for sustainable businesses. With podcasts giving tips and tricks on gaining exposure as an eco-aware business, it’s never been easier to look attractive to consumers.
  • Finally, anyone can make a positive change to our planet. By creating your own podcast, sustainable business, or new daily approaches to life, you can make a real difference.