Ethical And Sustainable Thermals To Keep You Cozy This Winter Season

Winter season is upon us. So, how can we best prepare for the biting coldness to come? Everyone needs to wrap up when winter hits, but some people do this in better ways than others. We’re not talking about style here – we’re talking about sustainability. Fast fashion has placed significant pressure on our environment, continuously polluting our planet through using multitudes of water, toxic chemicals and dyes, and being guilty of destining mountains of cheap clothing products to the dreaded landfill site.

So, how can you best wrap up whilst incorporating ethical and sustainable values into your fashion routine? Read on to find some of the best ethical and sustainable thermals out there to stay cozy this holiday!



BAM’s selection of bamboo base layers enables both women and men to keep cozy in harsh winter conditions. These garments are insulating, comfortable, sustainable, and chafe-free. Looking closer at the environmental aspects, the bamboo jerseys are constructed with organic cotton, helping you regulate your temperature whilst staying kind to the environment!



VAUDE generates recycled materials to produce its outdoor clothing range. Its sustainable thermals, such as fleecy jumpers, are soft and stretchy to ensure maximum temperature regulation on cold days. And it gets better – this company proudly collaborates with the Fair Wear Foundation to further its environmental values.



Finisterre boasts a great collection of sustainable thermals for both women and men. The brand is dedicated to utilizing sustainable fabrics, plastic-free packaging, and eco-friendly business practices. When looking at the materials, you’ll be able to discover non-mulesed wool in their warm Merino products.



Smartwool utilizes natural solutions in their garments, such as ZQ-Certified, renewable Merino wool. The company hosts a whole range of thermal base layers, sweaters, bodywarmers, fleece ponchos, and more to help you stay cozy this holiday season.



You can check out a large collection of cozy clothing produced by this sustainable brand. NAU utilizes organic cotton, Tencel, alpaca wool, recycled polyester, and other sustainable materials in its garments, aiming to follow righteous business practices to benefit our environment.


Key Takeaways

  • Firstly, there are plenty of options to stay sustainable when it comes to wrapping up this winter. There’s no excuse for opting for harmful materials when so many brands offer kind alternatives.
  • Secondly, businesses may be able to profit from the increasing number of eco-conscious consumers. By offering products that keep our environment in mind, companies can position themselves as standout figures of environmental awareness and appeal to the masses!
  • Thirdly, the planet’s fate is arguably in the hands of every individual shopper hunting for new thermals this season. By making a sustainable choice over a more harmful one, these shoppers can significantly affect our planet’s well-being.