5 Dairy Farms Focused On Sustainability

The dairy industry has proved to be significantly harmful to our environment, raising concerns about animal welfare, increasing pollution, and contributing to our carbon footprint. These factors have encouraged vegans around the globe to boycott dairy products. This backlash has prompted a need for farmers to step up and start producing items more sustainably and organically. 

So, which farms have a passion for creating organic and sustainable dairy products? Read below to find out and start accessing the items you need today.

Stonyfield Organic, New Hampshire

This New Hampshire-located dairy company originally began in the 1980s as a farm accommodating a non-profit farming school. The school aimed to maintain healthy food production while helping protect our environment. The founders’ need for more funds to continue prompted them to launch their own yogurt product. This yogurt is sourced from pasture-raised cows situated on family farms, whilst all dairy products are produced without artificial hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics.

The Ethical Dairy, Scotland 

Across the pond, The Ethical Dairy is a great company leading the way in sustainable farming, producing their traditional cheese with their dairy herd’s organic milk. To suckle, calves are kept with their mothers, with this ethical model helping treat animals, land, and our overall environment with respect.

Dairy Farmers of America, Kansas 

Caring for both animals and land, this company strives to constantly find innovative ways to conserve resources, work efficiently, and reduce waste.

Pipers Farm, Southwest England 

This company farms its land and animals organically and even has its own beehive. With the cows being 100% pasture-fed, this is the best option for the environment and the individual animals. More benefits surrounding this company include reduced carbon emissions and low food miles from avoiding purchasing in feed for the farm.

Straus Family Creamery, Northern California 

While having its own dairy farm, this company aims to embrace all aspects of organic farming, implementing business solutions more sustainably. This farm sources non-GMO, organic milk from family farms within the area. Dairy products such as ice cream, milk, and yogurt are all formulated without thickeners or stabilizers, which are minimally processed. Further still, Strauss Family Creamery utilizes a methane digester which helpfully converts harmful methane emissions from cows into renewable electricity.

What Can Other Businesses And Farms Take Away From These Examples?

The above examples show that taking a sustainable approach can strengthen a brand’s value. It demonstrates that you are doing what you can to help our planet and, therefore, how you can help your customers. 

Moreover, farms can take away the knowledge that some clients have started to boycott products that have negatively affected our environment, encouraging a change in action when it comes to helping our planet. 

Therefore, it may be obvious that your business can benefit from kinder practices. Finally, avoiding unsustainable farming practices can distance your business from a bad reputation. With more meaningful and attractive values, your environmental message will instead tie your organization with appeal and success.