Five Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for A Cleaner Home

It might be wise to swap out your old cleaning products for ones that are eco-friendly. The harmful chemicals usually involved in regular products include ammonia, chlorine, and nonoxynols. These can leave fumes in the air and residue on your household surfaces. People can experience allergic reactions and skin irritation with these ingredients – something less common with eco-friendly, natural cleaning products. As cleaning is a regular activity, it’s vital that we make a change in this area to reduce our negative impact.

Method All Purpose Cleaning Spray

Method is a natural cleaning brand, known for its biodegradable and naturally sourced ingredients. It uses lactic acid instead of chemicals, still being effective on 99.9% of bacteria. This spray will help you target a range of cleaning chores, meaning you can reduce the number of products you buy, therefore reducing the number of plastic bottles you purchase too.

Method Wood Polish Spray Cleaner

With the bottle being fully recyclable, you can say goodbye to non-biodegradable plastic bottles! This is a plant-based polish composed of olive oil and glycerine to add shine to your surfaces.

Bio-D Laundry Bleach

Without the need for petrochemicals found in regular bleaches, this biodegradable product will still be able to keep clothes clean and fresh. It uses an oxygen-based formula created from sustainable materials.

Ecover Household Products 

Ecover makes sure that its products meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. It uses plant-based ingredients instead of chemicals in any way that it can. The household bundle can help you tackle a range of household chores in a sustainable way!

Supernatural Stainless Steel Cleaning Set

Supernatural blended a potent fusion of natural botanicals to clean steel without damaging its properties or leaving behind any toxic chemical smells like other cleaners do. Not only is it natural, but the reusable spray bottle packaging is so pretty you will want to leave it on display in your kitchen.