Five Sustainable Snacks to Add to Your Grocery List

It often surprises people how much of an impact food can have on our environment, but when looking at meat and dairy in particular, it’s obvious what changes we could make to engage in sustainable practices. Adopting more sustainable living practices has been the reason for many people to turn vegetarian and vegan. These diets put less pressure on the meat and dairy industries, and less pressure on our world as a whole by reducing our carbon footprint. Even if you don’t fancy turning into a strict vegan, you can still swap out old snacks for more sustainable ones to make a difference.

Nature's Path - Organic. Independent. Uncompromising.

Nature’s Path uses organic, Fair Trade, GMO-free ingredients in their products, as well as pushing for a zero-waste facility. You can recycle much of the packaging, meaning that you can have as small an impact on the planet as possible.

This Saves Lives | Buy a bar. Feed a child. We eat together.

By purchasing a tasty organic fruit and nut bar from This Bar Saves Lives, a child in need in a developing country is given life-saving food with the money you spend.

Delicious, Sustainable Food & Recipes | Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia Provisions has a range of sustainable snacks made from ethically sourced and organic ingredients. This includes nutritious, environmentally friendly soups and breakfast snacks such as an organic fruit and almond bar.

Sustainable Snacks | Plant-Based Chocolate Superfood Snacks

Who said Sustainable Snacks couldn’t be appealing? These chocolate snacks are both plant-based and tasty, being clusters of nuts, spices, berries, and syrup infused dark chocolate. With this, you can still treat yourself whilst carrying out sustainable living practices.

Sustainable Snacks - Yumbles

Yumbles create sustainable snacks from UK artisan makers. The vast range of products includes vegan products, sustainably farmed products, and ethically sourced products such as Spare snacks crunchy apple and cinnamon crisps.