Halloween-Themed Plastic-Free Decorations

Everyone knows the plastic pollution crisis is becoming a concerning problem that we mustn’t ignore. Nowadays, eco-conscious consumers are trying their very best to avoid purchasing items wrapped in and made of plastic, but this is sometimes challenging to do when it appears to crop up everywhere!

Seasonal holidays like Halloween provoke particular spikes in consumption – plastic consumption. Thus, if you want to enjoy the spooky season without feeling guilty about burdening our planet, it’s time to approach things a little differently. Read on to discover some top tips on how to decorate your house in a plastic-free way!



Pumpkins are the most obvious plastic-free Halloween decoration. Just ensure that you purchase your pumpkin from a local farmer’s market to reduce harmful food miles. Also, remember to dispose of your pumpkin sustainably – you can always use the leftovers to create a delicious pumpkin pie and compost anything you don’t use.


Paper chains

It’s time to get the kids busy by making some spooky paper chains. Paper is a recyclable material, meaning you don’t have to feel too guilty about having fun with this resource. You can string your paper chains across the walls or even have them dangling down from the ceiling. Also, regarding paper, you could help your kids cut out some Halloween shapes, such as bat shapes, and stick them on your front window for effect.



Is Halloween really Halloween without its spooky lighting? It’s time to turn your main light off and grab some glass mason jars filled with tealights or LEDs. LEDs are renowned for being an environmentally friendly type of lighting, helping you create an eerie Halloween atmosphere without the use of plastic!


Recyclable Scarecrows

If you want to put decorations in your front garden, you could always attempt to make a scarecrow out of recyclable materials. Use the wooden twigs and logs available to create a frame, use sustainable fabrics for the body, and use an old plant pot for the head. You could also see if you can use any materials in your trash can, helping extend materials’ lifespans and keeping them out of polluting landfill sites.


Old Sheets

In an effort to reuse items that you would otherwise be throwing away, you could dig out some old sheets and drape them in doorways and from ceilings. Your kids could get busy decorating the sheets so that they read warning signs like ‘Do Not Enter!’ and ‘Keep Out!’ or you could even create ghost characters due to the floaty nature of the material.

Key Takeaways
  • Halloween doesn’t have to be as harmful as we currently make it. By taking on different approaches, there’s no reason why we can’t avoid plastic in this spooky season!
  • Moreover, businesses may be able to profit from selling plastic-free decorations. Consumers are now on the lookout for sustainable materials, making the prospect of plastic-free Halloween decorations very attractive.
  • Finally, every individual household should think carefully about their environmental impact this Halloween. By making a few simple but considerate changes, anyone can lessen their negative impact on our planet today!