How To Hand Wash Clothes Correctly

In some situations, the kindest thing you can do for your garments is to avoid the washing machine and take the manual approach instead. Whilst handwashing is usually reserved only for delicate products, it is also an efficient option for most types of clothes, especially if you don’t have a big enough load to make a washing machine trip worth it.

So, how do you handwash your clothes in the right way? Read on to explore this process in more detail!

Read the care tag

Care tags should be attached to every piece of clothing you own. Indeed, textile manufacturers are obliged to offer these labels so that consumers can take care of their garments in the right way. Note that these labels can vary in different countries, so it’s worth doing a little research if you are unsure of what each symbol on the label means.

Fill your sink

Depending on your clothing’s care label, you should fill your sink with lukewarm or warm water. Although, please note that silk, wool, and bright-colored clothing actually clean better in cold water. When the water starts to run, add a recommended dose of detergent.

Utilize an environmentally friendly detergent

Ensure that you purchase an eco-friendly product since many detergents on the market are loaded with toxic synthetic chemicals. These irritate our skin, pollute our ecosystems, and damage our waterways. Thus, it is crucial to buy into a kind brand. Once you’ve chosen the correct detergent, swish it in the water to ensure it has dissolved. Then, put your clothes into the water and immerse them fully. As the materials soak, squeeze the water through them a couple of times.


It’s time to rinse your garment thoroughly. You could use a colander to clean your clothes or else fill your sink with clear, cool water, immerse the clothing, and squeeze water through it to rinse. Repeat as necessary.

Remove the excess water

Lift your garment carefully from the water with both hands and squeeze out as much water as you can in a gentle manner. After this, lay the clothing flat on an absorbent towel. Roll the garment and towel up together until the water gets absorbed fully.


Try airdrying your garments to avoid the negative environmental impact of using a dryer. Lay your delicates flat to dry to stop them from stretching out of shape. For added care and a more rapid drying procedure, lay swimsuits or sweaters on top of a dry towel to enable them to air dry. Once the front of the material is dry, flip it over to the other side!

Key Takeaways
  • There are a few different steps to handwashing, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. By avoiding using the dryer, you can have a more positive impact on our environment!
  • Next, businesses may be able to profit from selling eco-friendly detergents. By considering the fact that consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, companies may benefit from selling products that people actually want to see.
  • Finally, every individual has the power to modify our planet’s well-being. By taking this environmentally friendlier approach to our world, you can place less of a burden on it today!