How To Reduce Harmful Chemicals In Your Bathroom: Easy Swaps You Can Make

Chemicals. They seem to be everywhere. Whilst having a dangerous impact on our environment, chemicals in cleaning products can also affect human health. So, how can we reduce these harmful chemicals in places like bathrooms? Read on to discover how you can do this and start protecting our environment today!

Avoid Air Fresheners

You can typically find a multitude of harmful chemicals in air fresheners. These types of air fresheners give off artificial smells that aren’t really needed in your bathroom – if you want to add a little scent to your household, why not try a natural alternative instead?

Get Rid of Soap Scum With a Different Approach

Blend natural dish soap and baking soda. Doing this will generate a mixture that can tackle pesky soap scum without needing any chemical-inclusive store-bought products. You can use the combination to set soap scum free from ceramic tiles, shower doors, and other familiar places too. Simply utilize one of your old cloths or sponges to force the soap and baking soda mix into the surface until your stain has vanished. After this, use some warm water to wipe away any excess components.

Install a Showerhead Filter

A showerhead filter can actually filter your water from nasty chemicals, including copper, mercury, iron, and of course, chlorine. This straightforward installation will treat your skin kindlier when you hop in the shower, and the great thing is that there are countless products out there to choose from.

Research into Non-Toxic Brands

Swapping out your chemical-packed bathroom cleaners for eco-friendly ones can really make all the difference to our environment and your household. For example, looking at products produced by Method may be a wise move. Method generates many different cleaning products to help people avoid unnecessary toxic chemicals. These include the all-purpose cleaner, shower spray, floor cleaners, hand wash, and even flushable wipes.

Purchase Some Chemical-Free Drain Cleaner

Why empty harmful chemicals into your drain when you could opt for a kinder alternative? You can easily make a homemade drain cleaner from vinegar and baking soda. This will immediately take care of any dirt in the bathroom you can see. To take things a step further, pour the vinegar and baking soda mix down the drain, plug it, and leave it to sit for half an hour. The reaction will take care of dirt in your drain, although after the waiting time is complete, you should pour boiling water down your drain to clear it further.

Key Takeaways
  • The simple swaps displayed above can not only help our environment but can also help your wallet.
  • Secondly, businesses should be able to benefit from selling chemical-free cleaning products. By displaying brands like Method in stores, companies can reveal themselves as active characters in environmental awareness. In turn, this could draw in a more significant number of eco-conscious consumers.
  • Finally, you as an individual have the power to change our ecosystem when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. Remember – your approach to removing pesky dirt from your bathroom can significantly affect our planet’s well-being!