How To Save Electricity (And Emissions) At Home

Everyone knows the cost of living is rising – it might be time to cut down your energy usage and start saving your electricity! Not only will this reduce your overall costs, but it will also help you become kinder to our planet.

Take a look below at some handy tips on saving electricity in your home today!

Buy A-rated Appliances

Efficiency is critical when it comes to saving energy. Thus, if you need to purchase any new home electricals, ensure that you buy some A-rated appliances. After all, the better the product’s rating, the more efficient it will be and the more you’ll save in the long run.

Clean Behind Your Freezer And Fridge Appliances

When dirty, an appliance’s dusty condensing coils can trap air and generate heat – which isn’t ideal for your fridge and freezer! So, you might want to keep them clean to keep them cool, meaning they’ll use up less energy.

Change Your Approach To Pans

This really depends on what you’re cooking, but the smaller the pan, the less heat you’ll require to heat your food. Also, keeping lids on your pans can help your food heat up even faster, wasting less energy overall.

Fill Your Dishwasher

Don’t start a washing cycle when your dishwasher isn’t full. You might as well get as many dishes in there that fit correctly to minimize the water and energy you’ll have to use and pay for overall. Furthermore, set your dishwasher to an economy setting.

Only Boil What You Need

When it comes to making your daily cuppa, only boil as much water as you require in the kettle. Overfilling the kettle only wastes money, water, and time in the long run!

Consider a Water Meter

Considering water further, you may want to invest in a water meter. Being on a water meter will make you more conscious of how much you are actually using. However, whether you will save money or not really depends on your water usage and water provider.

Switch Your Light Bulbs

It’s becoming common knowledge that LED lights are energy efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendlier than traditional bulbs.

Switch off Your Lights

This point may seem incredibly obvious, but switching off your lights every time you leave a room could save you a decent chunk of money in the long run. Plus, why burden our environment with electricity usage when you don’t even need the light on?

Turn Your Water Temperature Down

While everyone loves a hot, steamy shower, there’s no harm in turning your water temperature down a little. If you turn your temperature down on the combi boiler, you can still generate water that is hot enough for washing, but you can also help save electricity and money.

Key Takeaways
  • Taking a different approach to your home is obviously vital – especially when it comes to helping save our environment. If everyone took on these practices, it would be amazing how much we could reduce our carbon footprint!
  • Secondly, companies promoting eco-friendly practices may be able to benefit more than those that don’t. These businesses could attract a broader consumer base by selling A-rated appliances.
  • Finally, any individual has the power to make a difference. By saving yourself a little money on your electricity bill, you could also be saving our planet!