How To Shop Your Own Closet

Shopping your closet is a straightforward, no-cost process enabling you to observe the clothes you own, discover fresh outfit combinations, and avoid overspending when purchasing more clothes. Not only does this exercise help bring out your creative side, but it can also save our environment.

The Devastation of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is low-quality, cheap clothing produced quickly due to the latest trends. Since so many brands drop so many products every week, it’s no surprise that overconsumption occurs.

As a result, devastating amounts of materials are thrown away, generating a shocking amount of waste and taking up room in our landfill sites. Furthermore, as one of the most popular fabric types, non-biodegradable polyester comes from fossil fuels, burdening our planet for more than 200 years and polluting it with hazardous chemicals. If this wasn’t bad enough, natural materials like cotton could also disrupt our environment because they need vast amounts of pesticides and water.

Considering this, it’s no wonder that the fashion industry is actually the second largest polluter of clean water worldwide.

How To Avoid This Devastation

Now that you know more about how fast fashion damages our earth, you may be wondering how you can avoid buying into this industry.

Instead of buying new clothes and using up even more of our planet’s precious resources by supporting the fast fashion industry, try cleaning out your closet. After all, you never know what gems you may find hiding there!

Before Shopping

The beginning step to shopping your closet is actually straightforward: get rid of what you will not use anymore. This includes garments that are damaged, dated, or don’t fit. Instead of throwing these clothes away at landfill sites, perhaps try donating, reselling, or recycling them. Once you’ve completed this clean-out, you can move on to shopping your closet.

Check out our top tips below for shopping your closet.

Visual Inspirations

Firstly, have a source of inspiration when thinking about the style you like. Creating a Pinterest board can be helpful for this, making it easy to lay out accessories, shoes, and color combinations you love.


Setting up a workspace can help you observe what looks are hanging in your closet. A rolling rack can assist your organization and allow you to visualize every garment you have thoroughly. It might be worth separating your basic clothes (which you wear daily) from your trendy garments (which have a little extra character).

Construct Outfits

Now that you’ve grouped similar sorts of clothes, it’s time to start constructing your outfits. With this, you could take photos of the outfits you really like so that you can keep coming back to them. 

Closet picture
Woman in front of a closet
Key Takeaways
  • You can learn that fast fashion has no space in our future. With such devastating effects, it’s obvious that a sustainable alternative is needed.
  • Shopping your closet could be the best thing you’ve done for the environment this year! By adopting this eco-friendly practice, you can avoid using unnecessary resources and start reusing suitable items today.
  • By taking this step, you can make a clear difference as an individual. Imagine how much progress we would make if everyone shopped their own closet! It’s time to take responsibility for our natural environment.