How To Take Part In The Coast Film & Music Festival, Laguna Beach

Since 2019 Laguna Beach, California hosts the annual Coast Film & Music Festival. It is a showcase of non-fiction and adventure films and stories. The festival brings together the outdoor and ocean communities. The goal is to create positive change through art and for the audience to come curious and leave inspired. 

The festival is from November 9th to 13th 2022. However, if you are not able to attend the festival in person, it is streaming online from November 17th to 27th 2022.

There are so many ways for both individuals to take part in the Coast Film and Music Festival. 

Attend A Virtual Screening

The Coast Film & Music Festival is available online from November 17th to 27th. If you cannot attend the festival in person or you don’t live near Laguna Beach, California don’t miss out on the fun. You can stream it from the comfort of your own home. Tickets are available for $15 per program or for $99 you can watch everything that is available. 

Six two-hour programs will be available to be streamed. These will include short film blocks, feature films, and recorded Q & A’s with the directors and athletes. Unfortunately, not all films will be included in the online programming. 

Become Inspired

The motto of the festival is “Come Curious, Leave Inspired”. The vision of the festival is to combine the outdoor and ocean loving communities by inspiring positive change through art. By bringing together athletes, adventure filmmakers and change makers, the hope is to encourage the audience to push their personal boundaries and become better stewards for the planet. Every program has a theme and some of the past themes have included; Mountains & Snow, Get Outside, Ocean & Surf, Our Public Lands, Healed by Nature, Wanderlust, and Our Oceans.

Visit Laguna Beach

If you are able to attend the festival in person, visiting Laguna Beach will be an added highlight to your trip. Fantastic hotels, beautiful beaches and incredible restaurants will make this trip a memorable one. Laguna is a world class destination with a vibrant history of art and conservation. With many tours available for adventurers it is worthwhile taking part in a whale watching tour, sea kayaking tour or why not go diving.

For further information check out the Top Ten Places to Visit and 100 Things to Do. If you are needing accommodation in Laguna check out The Ranch, Laguna Riviera, The Inn at Laguna or The Laguna Beach House. The festival partners with these hotels and offers special discounts for event guests.


Give back to the festival by volunteering. The festival is always in need of individuals who are able to bring their enthusiasm and energy. This will be in exchange for free tickets and swag + eternal gratitude and good karma. 

The volunteer application form is available on the Coast Film & Music Festival website.

The Coast Film & Music Festival is an opportunity for like minded conscious individuals to be inspired by nature and adventure. There are many different opportunities to be a part of this annual festival. Remember to stay curious and be inspired. 

Key Takeaways
  • Enjoy the film screenings both in person or online with multiple different options to enjoy the film festival in your own style.
  • Visit Laguna Beach and make a vacation of it while you enjoy everything that The Coast Film and Music Festival has to offer. 
  • Leave the festival inspired to add more adventure into your life or become a better steward to support the health of the planet.