How To Thrift Your Home (And How It’s Sustainable)

The condition of thriving involves carefully managing your money and resources. While you can save all-important cash in your home with this technique, you can also save our environment.

Why You Should Thrift Your Home

By thrifting your home, you can explore a unique home décor style within budget and avoid prompting the planet to use more resources. Finding hidden gems, educating yourself about the past, and sourcing timeless and sturdy vintage pieces are just a few reasons why you should reuse and recycle items at sales, flea markets, and antique stores. 

How You Can Start Thrifting

While it may be overwhelming initially, getting into thrifting can be straightforward when you know what to look for. To give you a better idea, popular items to thrift are books, candlesticks, chairs, artwork, and bowls. Scan our top tips below to start thrifting your home today!


Consider Your Vision

When going out to thrift, you must consider what you like. With this thought, consider your personal life. Consider what influences you and sticks with you. Different exposure inspires different décor styles – this is all down to your personal preferences and what you’d like to reflect in your home décor.


Make Numerous Visits

Go to your local thrift stores numerous times. After all, you can’t judge a thrift store or charity shop by just a singular visit. We recommend going back at least thrice since you’ll gain a better feel for the type of items they sell and even come across new things that they didn’t have when you visited the first time. Take a thorough look around – objects may be moved or hidden, so it’s worth digging deep!


Look Out For Labels

The label of an item might indicate how well-made it is. After all, a reputable and famous home décor business will likely produce quality goods, meaning that they should be fit for second-hand use.

Thrifted furniture


There’s no easier way to find things out than by using Google! If you don’t know which brands and labels scream quality, use the internet. This can help you understand the item you are interested in, its age, and if the cost is fair.


Buy It If You Love It

Finally, our last top tip is to grab an item if you love it. Even if the item was priced low, it doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen in love with it and are more than willing to give it a perfect second home. Add a timeless piece to your décor today!

Thrift shop

Thrifting may be kind to your budget, but one of the key reasons why you should be doing it is to strive toward sustainability. As the way forwards for the betterment of our planet, you can take us one step closer to improvement just by choosing second-hand items for your home.