How You Can Tell If a Company Is Ethical And Sustainable

In this day and age, the importance of buying into ethical and sustainable brands has become more critical than ever. With the devastating impact of fast fashion burdening our environment, people have become more aware of why we need to start supporting companies that are kind to the planet.

Sustainability is a word that has been on everybody’s lips at one time or another – especially in the fashion industry. With many businesses greenwashing their values, knowing which ones are genuine about their sustainability practices and which are only sustainable on the surface is essential. To find out how to tell if a brand is ethical and sustainable or not, read on for more information.


Certifications can help you tell if a brand is sustainable and ethical. These certifications measure a business’ eco-consciousness against many factors, such as waste management, responsible sourcing, and ethical treatment of laborers.

Customers constantly demand more transparency, making certifications a great way to see authenticity. Documents you can look for include Global Recycled Standard, Fair Trade, and Certified B Corporation, among others.


Sustainable brands use kinder materials than conventional brands, including hemp, Tencel, and linen. Be aware of cotton processing – some methods require vast amounts of water, which dramatically burdens our ecosystem.


Brands need to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of their products – including the product’s packaging. Non-recyclable packaging can account for around a third of municipal solid waste, meaning that it’s vital for brands to utilize kind materials when it comes to wrapping their products up. Many online brands use unnecessary packaging, so it’s best to look out for a company that considers this.

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Working Conditions

It can sometimes be challenging to discover the details of a business’ working conditions since many continue to keep facility, waste management, and labor information secret. Thus, look for a transparent brand, such as Patagonia, a company that has committed to the Transparency Pledge. This standard requires brands to share the locations and names of all their factories, including the number of laborers and product types. This standard has been integral in changing how businesses share details with customers.

Key Takeaways

There are many things you can take from detecting sustainable and ethical brands.

  • Firstly, it’s evident that there are many sustainable brands to choose from. With so many companies striving towards better practices and having the certifications to prove it, there’s no excuse not to shop with the environment in mind.
  • Secondly, we can learn that businesses can thrive when they support sustainability. With so many consumers starting to boycott companies that are harmful to our environment, it’s now incredibly fitting for firms to step up and take responsibility for our planet.
  • Finally, any individual can make a difference to our planet. By purchasing from a sustainable brand, you can take us all one step closer to reducing our carbon footprint today!