Inspiring YouTube Channels For Conscious Living Inspiration

Are you hunting for some content that will inspire you to live more consciously? You need to head to YouTube immediately! This global online platform hosts thousands of videos on sustainability, and the vloggers involved are dedicated to helping viewers start living in a better way today. Read on to discover who you should be following today! After all, even simple actions and changes can significantly benefit our planet.


Simply Be Christine

Simply Be Christine provides inspirational and calm videos about minimalism and sustainable living. Christine delivers content on a range of topics, such as minimalist brand recommendations and how you can start composting!


Meghan Livingstone

Toronto-based Meghan Livingstone provides content centering around healthy and holistic living. This certified holistic nutritionist offers simple living tips and tricks, opinions on self-care, healthy recipes, and even videos about digestion and gut health.



This eco-realist vlogger is dedicated to sharing her thoughts on thrifting, boycotting plastic, and zero-waste living. Her product reviews are very detailed to give viewers a well-informed watch. Additionally, the day-in-the-life content she creates with her partner, Madison, is entertaining and shows her to be a real individual with a genuine passion for our environment.


Matt D’Avella

This filmmaker is the proud creator of an award-winning documentary named Minimalism. D’Avella welcomes YouTube viewers into his home as he discusses everyday topics with a minimalist viewpoint. This includes habits, finance, wellness routines, and even mindful living spaces. 


Aime Maggie

Residing in Paris, this vlogger has been utilizing YouTube to educate viewers on the critical issue of climate change. She covers a range of topics relevant to modern-day climate conversations, including a series on green housing.


Key Takeaways

There are many things YouTube viewers can learn from what current sustainable and zero-waste vloggers are sharing with our world. 

  • For starters, it is apparent that our digital age has the power to spread messages like never before. By hopping online, you can become exposed to the content you need to start living more consciously today!
  • Next, education is seemingly vital in our journey towards sustainability. Only when we are aware of issues can we start to tackle them. Thus, YouTube vlogging is a great approach that many businesses may be able to benefit from using.
  • Finally, every individual has the authority to learn or teach about conscious living. You may want to sit back and get educated about what you should be doing to make the world a better place. However, you could strive one step further and start a vlog yourself. If you have a powerful environmental story to share, it’s time to speak up and change the world!