Lights…Camera…Action! Here are 5 Ways Filmmakers Can Join the Coast Film & Music Festival

Film and music festivals are an incredible way of gathering like-minded people to tell important stories. Each gathering has a different theme or mission to set the atmosphere. The 2022 Coast Film & Music Festival focuses on provoking positive change throughout the passionate outdoor and ocean communities.

Filmmakers, athletes, and leaders will gather at Laguna Beach to celebrate and promote these stories that can change the world for the better. Best of all, if you’re a filmmaker, you can get directly involved and help this mission become a success. Here are five of the best ways filmmakers can get involved with this nature-packed festival.

Submit Your Film To The Festival

Get involved before the festival starts by submitting a film that you’ve created! Just make sure it’s between 1 to 90 minutes long and would fit with the mission and message of the festival. While it’s too late to submit a film for this year, keep your eyes out for next year’s submission window. Films should belong in one of ten categories that are divided by length within documentary films, environmental films, audience choice, best stoke, outdoor spirit, making waves, and the best student film. 

Promote The Festival And Your Fellow Filmmakers

The more people that know about this gem, the better. Even if you can’t make it yourself, maybe your friends, family, or followers  can. Tell them about the festival and they’ll be sure to thank you when they visit and make meaningful and long-lasting memories. If you know a fellow filmmaker that has a film that should be featured, encourage them to submit for next year as well.

Participate In And Amplify The Student Short Film Program

Even student filmmakers have the opportunity to be featured in this incredible festival. For those in grade 6-12, films of 5 minutes or less in duration that have been created in the past year are eligible to be entered for this exciting opportunity. Be sure your film is focused on spirit, the environment, community, and culture, and you’ll be entered to have yours shown during a special program in the festival. If you don’t qualify, let someone in your life who does know about this opportunity.

Contribute To The Laguna Beach Film Scene

It’s no coincidence that this festival is in Laguna Beach. At the center of some incredible filmmaking, this is a place of culture that perpetuates great creativity and art. To continue this tradition, it is up to filmmakers to keep pursuing their creative ideas and passions to change the world one story at a time. 

Sponsor, Cover, Or Submit Your Ideas For The Festival

A community event is only made better by community participation. That’s why everyone who sponsors the event is meant to be someone who belongs and also cares about the environment. The same thing goes with press coverage. If you’re a filmmaker with an idea to make the festival even better, never hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts with the team behind it. 

Key Takeaways
  • Films are not only for us to sit back and enjoy, but are also a meaningful avenue for change and positive impact.
  • Each of us can do our part to help important stories get made, recognized, and shared to help shape the world for the better.
  • Get rewarded for your hard work and great mission-driven storytelling by participating in this festival.