Makers of Kelp

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best makers of kelp-based products. Kelp is commonly used in the manufacture of a variety of different products since it has high nutritional value but can be just as beneficial if added to skincare. Similarly, it can be used as a raw product as well. Hence, this list will cover 10 different brands that offer different types of kelp-based products.

Let's begin.

Now Foods Kelp Tablets

This product is of the brand named Now Foods and can be used for medicinal purposes. It is considered to be a dietary supplement, genuine whole food. It supports thyroid function and is useful for several other health-related issues.

Natures Way Kelp tablets

This kelp product belongs to the brand Nature's Way. Like the one mentioned above, this serves medical purposes and is considered to be a dietary supplement that can act as a source of natural iodine.

North Atlantic Kelp tablets

This kelp product belongs to the brand Solgar and provides medicinal value. It is gluten, wheat, and dairy-free and is an excellent source of natural iodine and is also ideal for vegetarians.

Fish and Kelp blend

This is a product of the GS Plant Foods store. It is available in liquid form and is an organic fish and seaweed blend that is excellent for plant growth and soil maintenance. All of the products of these brands are organically made, convenient to use, sustainably sourced and provide amazing results at each use.  

Organic Kelp granules: salt alternative

This is a product of the brand Maine Coast and is a salt alternative. It will meet 100% of your iodine RDA of 150 micrograms. About 1/4 serving of a teaspoon can provide 3 mg of iodine that is 20 times the RDA. It carries great nutritional value and has been approved by certified medical experts.

Kelp Meal

This is a product of the brand Dr Earth. It acts as an excellent source of potash and promotes health in plants. It is infused with beneficial microbes and is of excellent quality.  

Kelp Meal

This organic kelp meal is a product of the Espoma store. It can be used as an excellent soil conditioner as it supports plant growth by providing sufficient amounts of nitrogen and potash. It also contains brown seaweed that is harvested from cold waters and processed at low temperatures.  

Kelp blast concentrate

This is a product of the Supreme grower store. It is 100% natural, non-toxic, and sustainably made and always yields excellent quality.  

Raw Kelp

This is a product of the RAW ELEMENTS store. It is used for horticulture purposes. This product is completely water-soluble and recommended for root growth.

Kelp Powder

This organic kelp powder is the product of the brand named Starwest Botanicals. The product type is green foods. It is organic and Kosher certified.

We hope that you found this list to be informative and useful! Let us know which kelp product you use or plan to try out.