Making Eco-Conscious Changes to Your Home

Choosing to increase your home's sustainability not only benefits environmental health but reduces utility bills and increases the comfort of your home. When you need to upgrade appliances, fixtures, or other improvement work on your home, you can refer to this list below for effective options to increase sustainability. 

Not everyone has the capital to revamp their home with sustainable options in one wave, but picking a few makes a great impact. When upgrades need to be made, revisit these options. Some are simple and inexpensive, whereas others are more costly. Pick what is right for you.

Dimmer Switches 

By installing dimmer switches to control lighting, you can control the amount of electricity being used and significantly reduce your energy consumption. This inevitably lowers your monthly electricity bill. Being able to dim the lights also enables you to create your desired ambiance in your home. Lastly, by not having the lights fully lit every time they are turned on, the lifespan of the bulbs increases. This is a simple, inexpensive change that can be made. 

Switch To LED Bulbs 

Replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs is a very common suggestion for being energy smart in your home. Although they can be more costly than incandescent in the store, it won't take long before you see a return on your money in your electric bill. According to, LEDs use a minimum of 75% less energy than incandescent and have a lifespan of 25 times as long. Switching to LEDs is one of the easiest ways to increase your home's sustainability. 

Low Flow Faucets And Shower Heads, And Aerators 

When replacing water faucets and shower heads, you should keep your eye out for WaterSense labels. By choosing WaterSense-rated faucets, you can reduce water consumption by at least 30%. You have the option to chang the whole faucet, or in some cases, there are adapters you can attach to an existing faucet. Reducing water demands in showers and sinks also reduces the hot water demand, in turn decreasing energy costs.

Optimize Daylight With Solar Tube Lights

Increasing natural light creates a homey space, reduces the need for synthetic light, decreases monthly bills, and reduces emissions from energy consumption. Unlike skylights, solar tube lights are less expensive and less difficult to install. 

Choose a front load washer instead of a top load washer. When it's time to replace your washing machine, consider choosing a front-load washer. A traditional front load washer is 25% more energy and water efficient in comparison to top load washers. Although if you opt for an Energy Star-rated front loader, you can cut your water use in half and use 45% less energy. 

Get an Energy Audit Done

Knowing how efficient your home is and what areas can be addressed will reduce emissions and decrease utility usage. Some electricity providers do them for free so check with your local provider. If you feel you can do it yourself, check out this link here.

Creating an eco-conscious home reduces emissions while also reducing your monthly utility bills. Reducing energy and water demands are key elements when making sustainable adjustments to your home. 

When you make sustainable choices for your home it creates a healthier space for those living there. From environmental health to your family's, these choices are best for everyone.