Plant-Based Cleaning Products: The Best Brands To Know

Cleaning. You just can’t avoid it – but you can avoid harming our environment in the process!

The truth is that many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals and other ingredients which pollute our ecosystem. Many consumers are blindly unaware of the detrimental implications cleaning products can have in these cases, but it’s always better to shop plant-based to be safe. If you’re struggling to decide which cleaning product brand to opt for, read on and gain some guidance! After all, your purchasing behavior can have a tangible impact on our world. Make sure that this impact is positive.

Moam Organics

Moam Organics operates to offer ocean-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products that any eco-conscious consumer can invest in with confidence. It provides a refillable service for cleaning, body care, and laundry products. Additionally, its bottles are constructed from recyclable aluminum, thus avoiding polluting plastic usage.


You’ve probably heard of Method – it is one of the most well-known natural cleaning businesses out there. The components it utilizes for its cleaning products are biodegradable and naturally derived, and they also swap out harmful chemicals for lactic acid. Furthermore, Method products are incredibly efficient at wiping away over 99% of bacteria from surfaces, making them highly efficient as well as kind to our planet!


Neat works tirelessly to reduce wastage and plastic across the world. Its product bottles are made of reusable aluminum material, and its cleaning mixture is multi-purpose, meaning that it can save you the energy of buying multiple products at once.

Clean Living

This new brand wipes out the need for single-use plastic cleaning products with its refillable system, metal bottles, and plant-based pouches. Its collection boasts 100% natural, vegan, and PH-neutral components.


Whether you want to clean your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, Ecover has you covered! This brand hits the highest environmental and ethical standards, utilizing plant-based ingredients instead of toxic chemicals whenever possible. It has an extensive range of cleaning products at high-value costs, making this worldwide brand accessible to most consumers wanting to make a positive difference out there.

Key Takeaways
  • Firstly, it’s evident that every shopper can make better choices when it comes to choosing between different cleaning products. No consumer has to automatically pick a product that inflicts harm on our environment – there is usually always a better alternative to invest in.
  • Secondly, plant-based brands may be able to gain a broader consumer base in the years to come. As increasing numbers of shoppers start to become aware of environmental implications, they are looking to spend money on eco-friendly alternatives and avoid harmful products.
  • Finally, every individual customer has the power to negatively or positively impact our planet. Even by making an eco-friendlier choice when it comes to cleaning your bathroom, you can place less pressure on our ecosystem today!