Podcasting The Planet: A Listening Guide For The Climate-Conscious

Ready to turn your commute or daily walk into a journey of environmental discovery? We've curated a playlist of our favorite eco podcasts that are not only informative but also downright addictive. From hard-hitting climate news to uplifting stories of sustainability, these podcasts will have you hooked. 


How to Save a Planet by Gimlet Media

Get ready for a crash course in sustainability with "How to Save a Planet." Hosted by journalist Alex Blumberg, marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, and a host of other climate experts, this Gimlet Media podcast explores practical solutions to the climate crisis. Although the podcast is no longer producing new episodes, it’s widely viewed as one of the most informative and engaging climate podcasts to date. 

Photo by Gimlet Media

The Climate Denier’s Playbook

Don’t be fooled by this show’s name—if you’re looking for a humorous yet informative (yes, it’s possible) take on climate change, ”The Climate Denier’s Playbook'' is the right place to be! The brainchild of Climate Town—a nonprofit that aims to create educational and informative videos about climate issues—hosts Rollie Williams and Nicole Conlan utilize their backgrounds in comedy, climate science, and urban planning to examine the myths and misinformation campaigns surrounding climate change.

Photo Source: Apple Podcasts

Drilled by Critical Frequency

Uncover the web of deception in the fossil fuel industry with "Drilled." Produced by Critical Frequency and hosted by award-winning journalist Amy Westervelt, this investigative podcast dives deep into the corporate strategies that have fueled climate denial and delayed environmental action. A compelling blend of storytelling and journalism, "Drilled" exposes the historical roots of climate skepticism and the challenges facing the fight against climate change.

Photo by Critical Frequency

Climate Rising by Harvard Business School and Environment Initiative

Examine climate through one of the most complex lenses—capitalism. Bringing together business and policy leaders with Harvard Business School faculty, “Climate Rising” offers insights about the actions that businesses are taking (or should be taking) in the fight against climate change, from marketing strategies to customer engagement and company policies.

Photo source: Spotify

TED Climate

Unlock a whole new world of green ideas worth spreading with “TED Climate.” Host Dan Kwartler unpacks the systemic problems that have led to the climate crisis, addressing a diverse array of climate topics and their potential solutions in bite-sized segments (around 10 minutes per episode). From walkable cities to carbon catchment configurations, TED Climate is gearing up for a whole new season of solutionism in 2024.

Photo by TED Climate on Spotify

Outrage + Optimism

Brought to you by Tom Rivett-Carnac, Paul Dickinson, and former UN Chief Christiana Figueres,  “Outrage + Optimism” examines the complex issues and politics at the forefront of the climate problem. Covering the latest news from science, business, finance, politics, and culture with a can-do attitude, listeners will leave this podcast with a deepened understanding of the climate crisis and will surely get inspired to take action.

Photo by TED

In an uncertain world grappling with the urgency of climate action, the insightful discussions, investigative revelations, and inspiring stories featured on these podcasts offer a much-needed guide towards scientific fact, greater environmental awareness and opportunities for activism.