Raise a Glass to Sustainability: 5 Tequila Brands Making a Difference

As we consider making a toast, it's worth pondering the origins of our favorite spirits. In the world of tequila, blistering demand is taking its toll on the agave population. Fortunately, a handful of brands stand out not just for their flavor but for their commitment to the well-being and livelihoods of the farmers who make it all possible.


Patrón Tequila

Patrón Tequila is a brand that takes sustainability and farmer well-being seriously. They have implemented a comprehensive recycling and waste reduction program at their distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Patrón recycles leftover agave fibers from the distillation process into compost, fertilizing the agave fields naturally. They also repurpose the tequila byproduct (known as viñazas) into a clean-burning energy source for their facilities. 

Additionally, Patrón is committed to supporting the local community by providing jobs and investing in local infrastructure. They have built schools and sports facilities and still offer to fund continuing education for many of their employees. Patrón's commitment to sustainability and community development sets a high standard in the tequila industry.


Tequila Ocho

Tequila Ocho stands out for its commitment to sustainability and the well-being of farmers. This brand is known for its single estate and vintage tequilas, which means each bottle comes from a specific field and year, showcasing the unique characteristics of the terroir. 

Tequila Ocho also prioritizes fair trade, ensuring that agave farmers are paid a reasonable price for their crops. Moreover, the brand is involved in preserving agave plants' biodiversity by promoting sustainable farming practices. This approach benefits the environment and enhances the quality of the tequila produced.


123 Organic Tequila

123 Organic Tequila boasts a strong commitment to the farmers who practice historical agriculture. Their organic farming practices ensure the preservation of the land and the health of those who cultivate it. Moreover, they believe in the power of organic farming to create a healthier environment and a better quality product. 

Their agave is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and they use traditional production methods to create their tequila. This commitment to organic farming results in a superior product and supports the well-being of the agave farmers, ensuring they work in a healthy environment and are suitably remunerated for their valuable work.


Avion Tequila

Avion Tequila prides itself on its meticulous process and commitment to uplifting experiences. It is another example of a sustainable tequila brand that supports farmers' well-being. The brand is deeply committed to the principle of single-source production, ensuring that all operations at the distillery are self-reliant. 

It has installed a cutting-edge water treatment facility to manage the water utilized during distillation. Moreover, it converts agave byproducts into organic compost, a natural fertilizer that revivifies the soil. Avion believes its practices allow everyone to "fly higher and see further"—its support for the local farming community is embodied in its production process.


Casa Noble

Casa Noble focuses on both environmental and social sustainability issues. They are one of the few tequila brands that are certified organic, ensuring that their agave plants grow without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which is better for the soil and local ecosystems.

In terms of supporting farmers, Casa Noble has a commitment to fair trade. They ensure that the jimadores, the farmers who harvest the agave, are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. This improves the farmers' livelihoods while helping to maintain the traditional methods of agave cultivation and tequila production, which are more sustainable than industrial methods.