Roundup: Eco-Friendly Travel Products

Preparing for your trip can be an exhausting experience. Packing all the essentials you need to live, as well as everything you need to be able to relax and enjoy your trip, can be a difficult process. These are just a few eco-friendly travel products that can make traveling a little smoother, and more sustainable!

Comfortable Backpack

You may have already picked out a travel backpack for your trip, one that likely allows you to carry more stuff on the airplane, train, or whatever medium of travel you use. However, a large backpack may be fine for a hiking trip, but it would be uncomfortable or unusable for exploring a big city. Once at your destination, if you don’t have a comfortable backpack to carry your things or purchases you may be compelled to buy one for the trip or use disposable bags.

Refillable Water Bottle

This may seem like an unnecessary item to take with you, as it would likely not be used during the traveling portion of your trip, such as at the airport, but it will undoubtedly come in handy. Even if you anticipate using the bottles or cups available to you at your accommodation, consider what you will use while exploring the area. If you don’t have access to a good water bottle, you may be forced to purchase one or use disposable water bottles.

Reusable Utensils and Containers

On the surface, carrying utensils on your trip seems like a waste of valuable space. You will naturally use the utensils provided to you at the eateries you visit, but consider what you will use for snacks or meals at your accommodation. The utensils in these instances may be disposable, and therefore bad for the environment, if they are available at all. It is also possible to purchase a collapsible or compact utensil and container set, perfect for traveling.

Eco-Friendly Bug Spray or Repellent

If you hail from an area where you don’t have many bugs or pests, research what your destination will be like. These nuisances can make your trip very uncomfortable, so you may be forced to purchase bug spray or repellent at your destination. However, if it is a remote or developing location, you may not have a selection of eco-friendly products to select from. So, consider purchasing your spray or repellents before your trip.

Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Although you may carry your toothbrush and other products, you may depend on your accommodation or things like soap or shampoo. These products are often purchased

cheaply and in bulk, so they are likely not good for the environment. If you use eco-friendly toiletries, consider taking them with you.

Actionable Takeaways

You may purchase unnecessary products on your trip, so try to think of everything you will do or need.

Even if it seems excessive, if you know you will need it, it is always more eco-friendly to take it with you.

Consider your needs in the new environment and prepare for that accordingly.