Sustainable Brands Investing in Small Businesses and Communities

These days, sustainability has become a buzzword on everybody’s lips since its criticality on our planet’s wellbeing has been brought to light. Whilst many brands have started to embrace sustainable practices, some have even gone a step further in supporting small businesses and communities.

The importance of supporting small communities and businesses should never be underestimated – especially if you are a sustainable brand with the capacity to make a colossal impact on our environment, economies, and societies across the world. Read on to discover which eco-friendly brands are doing their bit for the environment and our communities today!


TOMS is committed to working towards a mission to enhance lives. This brand gives a whopping one-third of its profits to support grassroots organizations concentrating on generating equity at a local level. Through doing this, this footwear company has been able to affect over 100 million lives via the act of giving!


Focused on its sustainable vision, Outerknown launched Project Vermont, a handcrafting process that works towards upcycling old and used materials to keep resources out of landfill sites. This project aims to take Outknown one step closer to hitting full circularity by the time we reach 2030! You can find Project Vermont’s collection on Outknown’s website, which includes appealing goods perfect for our upcoming winter season, such as blankets, mittens, and even tote bags.

Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner provides support to a number of youth programs and charities to boost communities all over the globe. This brand offers funds and guidance to projects which make a substantial impact. For example, Dr. Bronner has collaborated with San Diego County’s Food Bank and Boys to Men Youth Mentoring Network, just to name a few.


This outdoor clothing and gear brand has placed itself under a self-imposed Earth tax. ‘1% for the planet’ offers support for environmentally focused non-profits that operate tirelessly to protect our waters, land, and air across the world. Furthermore, Patagonia provides grants to small companies that detect primary triggers of environmental issues and tackle these problems with a dedication to change in the long run.

Key Takeaways
  • You can learn many things from sustainable investments in small businesses and communities. Firstly, it’s evident that sustainability is the way forwards in business. By offering services and products that keep our planet in mind and looking after smaller firms, these sustainable companies will likely attract more profit from increasing numbers of eco-conscious consumers.
  • Secondly, the extent to which sustainable brands can contribute to our community is colossal. By investing help and support into small local businesses, these brands are able to create awareness of environmental change and keep local economies afloat.
  • Finally, education is vital in the sustainable business process. By being aware of what companies are doing and what things they value, you can start purchasing from kind brands that mean something to you.