Sustainable Certification Roundup

Sustainable certifications relate to different industries’ standards and voluntary guidelines to show their dedication to environmental, food safety, and ethical practices. With businesses becoming increasingly conscious of sustainable practices, it appears they are doing more to consider our planet by using a range of certifications.

Cruelty-Free International 

This animal certification focuses on the termination of animal experimentation globally. Cruelty-Free’s certification process involves an extensive amount of monitoring. The monitoring system does a thorough check of animal testing, including testing used in manufacturing ingredients.

Climate Action Plans & Business Sustainability | The Carbon Trust

Carbon Trust has earned a place on this list as a legitimate energy certification. The Carbon Trust Standard recognizes companies that practice reducing emissions by at least 0.1% each year. They encourage the measuring and management of severe environmental impacts to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet certification encourages companies to give the equivalent of 1% of their sales to projects centered on helping the environment. This has helped deliver millions of dollars to innovative projects on a global scale.

Sustainable Fishing | MSC | Marine Stewardship Council

This sea certification sets standards of sustainable fishing practices all over the world. Products from the sea are only allowed to bear the Marine Stewardship Council if they come from a fishery that has been assessed and approved by sustainable measuring experts.

Fairtrade International

Fair Trade International encourages companies to pay farmers a minimum price, and these profits must be used to improve local communities. Therefore, Fair Trade International helps the flow of environmental and social benefits.

The Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council has labels to confirm that a product has been sourced responsibly – from a sustainably managed forest. Products can only carry an FSC label if every business involved in its production and manufacturing processes has an FSC Chain of Custody Certification.