Sustainable Cookware Brands

Do you shop with the environment in mind? You may not shop sustainably with the excuse that you don’t know where to look. However, this ends now, we’ve put together a list of the top sustainable cookware brands out there to help you navigate your kitchen correctly. Read on to learn more and be inspired to support our environment.

Milo Cookware

Milo Cookware by Kana implements responsible manufacturing and appealing designs into their cookware products, with the line being wholly nontoxic and sustainable. Every single product has been thoroughly tested to be California Prop 65 compliant, meaning they are all free of a whopping eight hundred harmful chemicals. If this wasn’t enough, every piece is guaranteed to last a lifetime, meaning that while you can save money on cookware costs, you can also save the environment since fewer products must be produced.

Our Place

Our Place is a fantastic brand to turn to if you love eco-friendly, modern, and minimalistic cookware! For example, one of its most popular items on the market, The Always Pan, is constructed from non-stick, nontoxic ceramic, accompanied by a durable aluminium bottom to create even heat distribution and even a beechwood spatula. Products like these are all free from toxic materials, including cadmium, nanoparticles, lead, PFAs, PTFEs, and PFOAs!

Amoretti Brothers

Amoretti Brothers are known for using 100% recycled, high-quality cast bronze and copper. This company produces its line by collaborating with skilled artisans in Mexico. Each cookware product is hand-made by local artisans, half being women – who are all paid fairly. This extraordinary brand is evidently dedicated to investing in whole artisan communities!


Caraway is a brand that uses mineral-based, nontoxic coatings that don’t emit toxic substances. While using a special coating that emits 60% less carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process than non-stick coatings, Caraway additionally uses recycled cardboard and low-impact dyes, amongst other eco-friendly products! By collaborating with SMETA- and BSCI-certified manufacturing partners, this company ensures that they work with organizations that take pride in supporting fair pay, safe working conditions, fair working hours, and benefits.

Key Takeaways
  • There are many things to learn from the sustainable cookware brands surrounding us, including the fact that every simple action we take can have a positive or negative impact on our environment. Simply, the cookware you choose to buy or cook with has a profound effect on our planet.
  • Next, it’s evident from the article that brands opting for sustainable routes can strive for success over ones that don’t. If you portray your brand as an eco-figure in environmental awareness, you can attract a whole new bunch of customers to buy from you. After all, many consumers have started to boycott businesses that are harmful to our environment.
  • Finally, the most crucial thing to learn from these brands is that you can make a difference as an individual. Just consider what brand you are buying from next time you need a new set of pans.