The Best Sustainable Professional Clothing For The Office, Zoom Calls, Or Conferences

Are you in need of some new work clothes? Whether you are heading back to the office after remote work, hopping on Zoom calls, or attending conferences, you need to look professional.

Unfortunately, as you may already be aware, the fast fashion industry has inflicted a multitude of harm on our environment through toxic dyes, unsustainable materials, and quick disposals in landfill sites. So, how can you lessen your impact on the environment whilst looking stylish for work? Read on to explore some sustainable and ethical brands which can help take you a step closer to saving our planet.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney uses a range of smart materials in her clothing brand, including Econyl regenerated nylon and 100% sustainable viscose, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a work suit, you can find a range of ethically made blazers, trousers, and shirts here that can transform any look into one that means business! What’s more, the brand is committing to using renewable energy to generate more and more of its clothing line.

Studio 189

Work clothing sometimes tends to be a little bland, but Studio 189 can help brighten up your professional wardrobe while simultaneously taking care of our environment! Founded by Abrima Erwiah and Rosario Dawson, this brand provides ethical workwear, collaborating with kind organizations like the UN’s Ethical Fashion Initiative.


VETTA’s woven garments are produced in a family-led factory, with a holistic approach to sustainability spurring them forwards. By being dedicated to the slow fashion movement, VETTA uses recycled packaging materials, Tencel, deadstock fabric, and organic cotton. If you’re on the hunt for a work sweater, be assured that they are made with renewable solar energy!

Another Tomorrow 

You can rely on this sustainable brand for workwear classics, such as traditional trouser suits and even simple tees. The materials used have been made to last a long time, meaning that you shouldn’t have to replace your wardrobe for a very long time. On top of this, Another Tomorrow focuses on practices that consider environmental, human, and animal welfare.

Cuyana | Women’s Premium Essentials

This company offers workwear staples to those on the hunt for more sustainable options. For example, its T-shirt dresses constructed from recycled cashmere may be perfect for the office in summer. Furthermore, the brand ensures it partners with suppliers dedicated to environmental standards. It also encourages consumers to buy less in the long run.

Key Takeaways
  • Firstly, there are plenty of ways to start shopping smarter. By swapping out their old wardrobe with some quality, sustainable pieces, shoppers can have a significant impact on our environment.
  • Next, fast fashion is an issue that must be taken more seriously. With such pressure being placed on our environment, new approaches need to be taken to manufacture clothing more responsibly in the long run.
  • Finally, companies may benefit from taking on sustainable practices. Consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, making them likelier to turn to brands that satisfy their environmental needs.