The Top 7 Sustainable Companies of 2022

As the green movement gains popularity and the purchasing habits of the general public begins to reflect this, more and more companies have sought to improve their sustainability. 

While some companies have stuck to ineffective or superficial initiatives, many others have used this shift in the social consciousness to effect real change in their operations and environmental impact. Here are just a few companies that have managed this change in the market well, and have made great strides in sustainability in 2022. 



This multinational company offers high-technology services and products. Cisco produces networking technologies and telecommunications equipment, among other tech products. Their sustainability initiatives center around reducing their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, setting a net-zero goal for 2040


American Water Works

This public utility company provides customers in both Canada and the United States with clean water. Part of their advanced sustainability efforts includes observing the environmental, social, and governance impact of their operations, which includes environmental leadership and sustainability. American Water Works has also taken steps to reduce its carbon emissions, supporting clean air and the fight against climate change. 


EPAM Systems Inc

A company based in the United States specializing in developing custom software and consulting with various other tech companies, EPAM Systems Inc, has made great strides in sustainability. Their initiatives in sustainability include supporting sustainable projects through investments and managing their suppliers and water risk. 


PVH Corp

A clothing company based in the United States, PVH Corp owns major fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Olga. A primary goal of PVH Corp, sustainability, is pushed through their efforts to eliminate their carbon emissions, produce more sustainable products, and increase their business transparency. These initiatives have created a massive change in the fashion industry due to the sheer size of PVH Corp, leading smaller businesses by example.


Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Inc is a California-based software developer creating products for use primarily in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Their sustainability initiatives center around enhancing their product efficiency and promoting sustainable innovators through donations, grants, and training. They have also sought to improve their own internal sustainability by adopting more sustainable business and operating practices.


Puma SE

This German sportswear retailer has committed itself to sustainability. In this effort, they have located key ways to improve the sustainability of their operations and products, such as using more environmentally friendly packaging and materials, as well as ensuring their products are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for constant replacements.


Sprouts Farmers Market Inc

Embodying the spirit of local farmers' markets since their launch in 2002, Sprouts offers their customers a wide array of natural foods. They provide an environment where customers can explore their foods in a similar way to farmers' markets, with the freedom to make their selections among this season’s natural organic foods. Avoiding even the most popular over-processed foods, they believe in offering simple, healthy alternatives to other grocery stores. 


Actionable Takeaways:

- Now more than ever, consumers want to ensure their purchases support sustainable companies. 

- Companies are taking sustainability seriously, leveraging their resources to seek out more sustainable options. 

- Sustainability permeates all industries, from tech companies to grocers.