The Top Organizations Dedicated to Defending Wildlife Through Rewilding

These days, more and more organizations are getting involved with helping our environment, whether through litter picking, recycling, or protecting our biodiversity.

In this article, we’ll focus on organizations that defend wildlife through rewilding, a process by which land is restored to its natural state. This allows wildlife to thrive in our environment. By being aware of these organizations, you may be able to start supporting them and what they do. Read on for more information!


The WILD Foundation aims to defend our planet’s wilderness and empower those who want to do the same. Recognizing that we must address specific approaches to fight against the causes of biodiversity devastation, WILD tackles its projects with a blend of policy interventions and activism to preserve our world’s wildlife areas.


A collection of conservation scientists and Leonardo DiCaprio founded this organization. Re:wild aims to defend wildlife and restore natural habitats, believing that the wild is the most significant answer to tackling a range of crises, such as those surrounding biodiversity and the climate. With the belief that strength comes in numbers, the organization aims to combine local communities, indigenous individuals, governments and more to conserve millions of acres of land which helps thousands of species across the world thrive.

The Global Rewilding Alliance

This organization holds more than 100 organizations across multiple continents intending to nurture our world through the initiation of recovering our planet’s biodiversity and nature. With the hope that future generations can celebrate the beauty of our natural earth, this alliance continues its global efforts through various projects.

The Rewilding Institute

The Rewilding Institute aims to protect and preserve natural species and help them thrive in their natural distribution patterns across the world in plentiful abundance. It has a variety of rewilding programs, including The Mogollon Wildway, which aims to connect and defend wild places from New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness to Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park. Furthermore, the Heartland Rewilding initiative strives to rewild the Mississippi River Watershed.

Key Takeaways:
  • First, we can learn that any organization has the power to better our planet. By focusing on the factors that really matter, companies can help best tackle environmental issues surrounding biodiversity on a global scale.
  • Secondly, individuals can significantly impact our planet by supporting these organizations. Donating money or getting stuck in with some volunteering efforts can take our world one step closer to helping our wildlife thrive.
  • Finally, organizations getting on board with defending wildlife have the potential to gain more support than those which are harmful to our environment. By showing themselves as solid figures in environmental consciousness, these organizations are set to succeed and expand as our world takes a step in a green direction.