Top Green Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Everyone has to participate in cleaning to maintain their home’s well-being – but not everyone engages in green cleaning. Unfortunately, many cleaning brands incorporate harmful chemicals and other pollutants into their products and packaging. These are placing significant burdens on our environment – burdens we can avoid. Read on to explore how you can start participating in a greener way of cleaning to help protect our planet today!

Use natural cleaners

As mentioned above, many cleaning brands inflict harm on our planet, from using plastic packaging to incorporating toxic, polluting chemicals. Some shoppers are unaware of how harmful these brands can be to our ecosystem, but it’s certainly worth staying clear of them and opting for natural cleaning brands instead. You might want to check out Ecover, Method, and Moam Organics for more information!

Towels vs. paper towels

It may surprise you that we cannot actually recycle kitchen paper towels. These materials are typically constructed of virgin wood pulp and utilize a multitude of toxic chemicals to bleach. Thus, you may want to swap out paper towels for reusable kitchen towels. These are usually made of bamboo or other components, which can be washed countless times for reuse.

Don’t use air fresheners

Whilst you may think air fresheners are a good idea, these blends usually contain unnatural additives that have harmful consequences on our planet. For example, they can decrease air quality. So, you might want to invest in natural scents to keep your home fresh instead.

Invest in houseplants

Houseplants can actually help keep your space clean in some cases. Not only can they oxygenate the surrounding air, but they can also fend off unwanted pests. For example, mice hate peppermint, meaning you could place several herb pots around the home to prevent them from invading.

Utilize baking soda

You don’t just have to use baking soda in cakes! Baking soda is a multi-purpose component that can be applied in most cases of green cleaning. This ingredient can be utilized to clean toilet bowls – simply place a cup of baking soda in the bowl and leave it for at least sixty minutes. Next, add some white vinegar, leave it for another hour, and flush to remove any unwanted stains!

Key Takeaways
  • There’s much to learn from this content, including the fact that consumers can usually opt for an eco-friendly solution over a more harmful one. There are so many great green brands out there to get involved with – you just need to know what to look for.
  • Thus, education and knowledge are vital in the process of going green. Only when consumers recognize green brands and why they are so vital can they start to make positive changes.
  • Finally, green brands will likely profit more from eco-conscious consumers as time goes on. As more attention gets brought to environmental concerns, more consumers will demand green cleaning products over ones polluting our earth.