Top Organizations Making An Impact On The Plastics Crisis

As the world becomes more aware of environmentally conscious practices, it has become more obvious than ever that we need to tackle the plastic crisis. Non-biodegradable plastics can inflict extensive amounts of harm on our earth, with air, soil, and water pollution increasing and some wildlife species even being threatened with extinction. 

This makes it necessary for global businesses to step up and start reducing this issue. So, what top organizations are actually taking responsibility in this area?



This supermarket company has started to make bold commitments to reduce the plastic pollution crisis, setting out plans to decrease their plastic usage, which required millions of plastic replacements. The store also aimed to swap out single-use plastic cutlery and cups in the short term. In the long term, this successful business strives to ensure that all its branded packaging can be recycled within the coming 2020s. Serving millions of customers a week, Asda’s actions are arguably vital to modifying consumer behavior and making a big difference to our planet.



With over 3000 coffee shops around the globe, it’s no surprise that Costa gets through a multitude of disposable cups. However, this business has acknowledged the harm in this waste and has decided to take a more sustainable approach. New commitments see Costa incorporating a planned removal of plastic straws, reusable cup discounts, and its bold decision to fork out £70 to waste collectors for every single tonne of used cups they produce.


Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic Pollution Coalition started with the aim of raising awareness surrounding the threat that single-use plastics burden our planet with. Even notable people have decided to join this high-profile movement, including Richard Ford and Margaret Atwood.



This French company is taking bold steps of going plastic-free and carbon neutral. With the introduction of a zero-carbon bottling plant and a pledge to generate 100% recyclable bottles by 2025, Evian is working towards a circular model.


The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup has the idea to create the most extensive ocean clean-up of all time, extracting and intercepting plastic pieces within our waters. Since this goal, the team have also expanded their sights to cleaning up rivers.


The incorporation of too much plastic could harm your business as well as our ecosystem! You can make yourself look more inviting to your consumer base by opting for better, sustainable approaches. An eco-friendly mission can inject strong backing into your brand. By giving your company a meaningful message, customers might be more likely to pick you to buy from over the competition.