Top Uses For Bamboo And How You Can Implement It Into Your Life

By now, it is no secret that climate change is a real danger to our species. Earth is under great threat, and it is our responsibility as its residents to shift our focus more towards sustainability. One good example of this is Bamboo and its uses. Below are ten such examples:


Pandas have been vulnerable to extinction. Bamboo is one of the main foods for pandas, and thus its availability is necessary to be maintained. Fortunately, some bamboo species are also healthy food for humans.


Normal toothbrushes are made from plastic and thus not eco-friendly. Bamboo brushes, however, provide the same use as being biodegradable.

Kitchen products

Bamboo can be made into plates, chopping boards, etc. These products are long-lasting and are often said to be anti-bacterial too.


It might surprise you to find out that bamboo toilet papers feel exactly like traditional paper, only they are more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Many conscious consumers have already started to make the shift to this new alternative.


The need for energy is ever-growing and has been one of the leading causes of environmental pollution. As such, the need to shift to renewable and sustainable energy sources is a global necessity. In this regard, bamboo can be useful in places where cooking/heating is still done using burning stoves.


Normal straws are usually made of plastic, and they create a lot of waste and often are disposed of in water bodies, polluting them. In America alone, more than 500 million straws are used a day. The shift to bamboo straws as reusable alternatives is happening around the world, and in some places, plastic straws have been banned.


Yes, you read that right; bamboo pillows are also being made from their fiber. They compare well to traditional ones in terms of comfort and ease of use. Why choose these over your current ones? Simple, these are washable and sustainable.


Modern surfboards are manufactured using fiberglass. This material provides good quality, but it is not easy and safe to repair/process. So the other option is bamboo surfboards: they are both lighter and stronger. Add to that the fact that they are more flexible, allowing for more tricks to be performed.

Art Materials

Bamboo has made its way to the art world too. Brushes made from this material make art tools more sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are also effective, providing firm grip and control. Their most important quality is that they can also absorb moisture from your hands.


Bamboo fabric is more absorbent, with the ability to fight back bacteria and odor. Add to that its property of being hypoallergenic.

This is just a shortlist of the uses of Bamboo, which also conveys their importance for our environment. The use of this plant is only going to expand and increase in terms of products and consumption, and in our fight for a better tomorrow, we should support such products.