California Love, Film and Music

The musical lineup at the 2022 Coast Film and Music Festival delivered endless entertainment rooted in California culture. Explore the artists that took the stage and set a groovy atmosphere for festival goers.

Par Avion

Their sound can be described as danceable, surf-inspired rock music that truly embodies their Southern California roots. Bernard Avion and his guitar fronts the band alongside his wife Rebecca Ramierez on bass. The duo is supported by outstanding drummers such as Derek O’Brien, Dusty Watson, DJ Bonebrake, Jimmy Paxson, George Bernardo, Richie Fultineer and Marty Tippens. This instrumental group never fails to get the crowd in a surfing state of mind. The California surf vibe isn't just in the music, you can also find Bernard hitting the Pacific ocean waves. 

EJ Worland

Australian native, EJ Worland, made his way to Southern California to record timeless tunes anchored in the ’60s and ‘70s American vintage and bluesy style. Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, and Arethra Franklin are all musical influences of EJ’s. In an interview with The AU Review, he says the passion and soul behind the voices of these three musical icons are notable models for what he wanted to achieve in his sound. For ten years he played with varying bands throughout Sydney, before he set off to find his own unique style. Beyond just finding his style he sought to identify the rhythmic message he desired to convey. While still on his journey, in the previously mentioned interview EJ said, “The message is to take charge of my own life and to stop pointing fingers at other people; taking control and owning it. So if shit hits the fan there’s only one person to blame, and that’s me.” 

Matt Costa

Not only is Matt Costa a noteworthy musician, but he also has a previous path of pro skating, and has recently directed and produced the film Donde Los Terremotos which showed at this year’s Coast Film and Music Festival. His guitar is the instrument that led him into the songwriting world along with listening to artists like the Beatles, Van Morrison, and the Rolling Stones. When listening to his melodic songs, you’ll experience a soulful California vibe rooted in the decades of the ‘60s and ’70s. Being born and raised in Huntington Beach, it's only natural that the beachy SoCal spirit comes through his art. Donde Los Terremotos is a vintage, Latin, indie film with music written and played by Matt and placed in Oaxaca, Mexico showing the importance of adventure and family roots. 

Party Foul 

Party Foul is a native SoCal band you can find playing regular Friday night shows at the ocean view restaurant Mozambique. This cover band plays a mixed sound of ska, ‘80s and ‘90s rock, and reggae.

The Great North Special

This Laguna Beach-based jam band has seven members emitting psychedelic vibrations into the crowds. Russell Long, Andrew Corradin, Kevin Bleitz, Anson Ditt, Ben Wagner, Max Vega, and Albert Margolis provide music influenced by the diverse sounds of blues, country, psychedelic rock, soulful funk, and classic Americana. Their anything-but-average sound offers beats to ensure you get up to dance. Matt Costa, a fellow music act of Coast Film and Music Festival, directed The Great North Special’s most recent music video for “Love Service and Devotion.”

Key Takeaways