1. Try to incorporate environmentally friendly recipes. Opt for more veggie dishes and fruit-based dishes. You can also try to go turkey-less this holiday and have a vegetarian substitute.
  2. Try to shop locally and opt for fruits and vegetables that are in season.
  3. Compost all of your food scraps. You can put all of your food scraps and anything else that is compostable in your own homemade compost.
  4. Skip Black Friday shopping. Instead of waiting in long lines and emptying your bank account, skip the crazy shopping ordeal and make a few homemade gifts this year instead, or at the very least, opt for a sustainable small business instead.
  5. Use public transportation or carpool with friends and family. If you're planning to travel this Thanksgiving, opt for public transportation or carpool in order to minimize carbon emissions, and naturally, skip out on all of the crazy holiday traffic.