Happy 4th of July!

Firstly, today is an important day to acknowledge the generations of oppression and discrimination thousands have faced, and pay tribute to those who have fallen for our country's freedom. It's also necessary to acknowledge that the lands many now occupy are original indigenous lands. Around 80 tribes are still unrecognized in the just the state of California, and as people of this nation, it's our responsibility to understand their history and stand side-by-side in support.

Furthermore, incorporating sustainable practices into holidays and outdoor activities can be seen as difficult, especially if you’re not equipped with the knowledge or tools to do so. Typically we celebrate outdoors, with family barbecues, around pools or in the sand at the beach. This is momentarily enjoyable, but the aftermath can be environmentally devastating. So this Fourth of July, try and bring sustainable elements into your festivities. 

Here are some easy ways you can be eco-friendly this 4th of July—

  1. Go meat-less—prepare a vegetable or plant-based menu
  2. Carpool to your destination
  3. Use biodegradable plates and cutlery 
  4. Bring food and beverages in reusable containers
  5. Instead of fireworks, put on a laser or projector show 
  6. Trade in paper towels for cloth
  7. Ditch balloons and confetti, and try DIY decorations
  8. Trade in your coal barbecue for an electric or eco-friendly one

In the wake of excitement, many forget that the fight for our Earth's protection does not stop, and neither should our efforts! Remember to be kind to our environment and atmosphere this holiday and summer season; acknowledge the land you stand upon, and enjoy!