Today is a day to remember just how vital our responsibility is to protect all wildlife. This year’s holiday not only commemorates the livelihood and importance of all living things, but marks 50 years since the enactment of the Endangered Species Act. Established in 1973, this act holds the protection for fish, wildlife, and plants that are listed as threatened or endangered. And it can call for the removal and addition of any flora or fauna to this list. It preps and implements plans for recovery and post rehabilitation integration. It also provides cooperation with the States, and provides financial assistance to states, programs, or other necessary activities. 

In 2006, the holiday was officially founded by David Robinson and the Endangered Species Coalition, marking 18 years today. Robinson formerly served as the Director of International Endangered Species Day–wrote award-winning booklets and books about our planet’s inhabitants, served as a board member at various conservation organizations, and co-created The Endangered Species Conservation Site.

There are more than 1,300 threatened or endangered species just in the U.S. alone today. They are expected to become extinct in the near future, unless significant action occurs. That is why it is OUR responsibility to aid, rehabilitate, recover, and protect these living beings. They have no one else to fight for them except us, and we have to answer that call. Animals and plants were the first inhabitants of Earth, so giving them the respect they deserve is necessary. 

Let’s Celebrate Today!

  1. Take action! Donate to or volunteer at your local conservation, organization, or charity. 
  2. Get educated! Watch inspiring documentaries, read educational books, or do your research. Gaining knowledge in turn brings more awareness and compassion to any situation.
  3. Participate in the annual Endangered Species Chalk Art Event–The Endangered Species Coalition is holding this event from Friday, May 19 to Sunday, May 21. Tap into your artistic skills and create a masterpiece.
  4. Spread awareness–tell your friends, family, partners, and neighbors about the wonderful species that roam our Earth and tell them how they can get involved to save them. Every little effort counts!
  5. Immerse yourself in nature, get outside! Go to a park, beach, forest, desert, mountain—any piece of nature that brings you joy. Read up on the history of that region and its native inhabitants, any knowledge is good knowledge.