One Ocean, One Climate, One Future—Together

“How do you build a connection, an emotional connection to these places? That fundamentally comes down to people's relationships with spaces. So finding key characters in these locations, using their passion and their connection to that environment as a way to build the conduits that people can latch onto to experience this world.” – Faine Loubser, South African Freediver

Our oceans cover over 70% of our planet—touching every cave, beach, cliff, and piece of land feeding it the necessary resources for humanity’s livelihood. It is home to the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems and provides the Earth 50% of its oxygen. There are an estimated 100 million different species of flora and fauna to be found in the ocean’s depth, but only 200,000 have been recognized. Unfortunately from climate change, an increase in surface temperature, and various human activities a slow depletion of the ocean’s resources has occurred. Currently, 90% of the fish population has been depleted and about 50% of the coral reefs are destroyed. 

World Oceans Day is a reminder to all of us of the major role the ocean has on our everyday lives. The ocean is the lungs of our planet and supplies humanity with the resources for survival. Today’s purpose is to inform society of the impacts humans have on the ocean and how our dire responsibility to help needs to be expedited. This year the UN will be hosting a hybrid celebration, broadcasted live from New York City, highlighting the theme of: “Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing.” 

Happy World Oceans Day!!