Happy Global Community Engagement Day!

On the 28th of January, we are celebrating communities united efforts to make the world a better place. Community engagement is the process of working together in local communities to challenge and combat issues that affect the local area. This widely recognized collaboration is beyond important and can be the spark that fuels the fire on bigger, more global issues.

Starting in your community is the first step on making an impact, gaining traction and publicity to affect larger issues.

Here in Southern California there are a plethora of organizations and foundations that you can become a part of – there’s something for everyone. If your main focus is the ocean and beach, Surfrider holds beach clean ups, fundraising events, restoration projects, and more; if you love the local parks, groups such as the San Onofre Parks Foundation always accept volunteers and donations to help preserve local lands; if protecting and educating against drug abuse or gun violence, many organizations such as Project RED and MomsDemandAction are available to enroll in.

Start small – shut your lights off when you leave the room, turn the water off when not in use, recycle, start a composting bin for food waste, start donating clothes and other used items, contact your local or national government officials, or even attend marches or rallies that strive for greater awareness.

Starting small can make inspiration and protection contagious.