We're all familiar with Black Friday, but have you heard of Green Friday?

Green Friday was originally formed as a counter-movement to Black Friday in 2015. Instead of the "shop 'til you drop" motto, individuals that support Green Friday encourage others to be more mindful and opt for more eco-friendly alternatives.

It's as simple as pausing, taking a moment, and asking yourself whether you really need to buy another sweatshirt.

The goal of Green Friday isn't to stop you from shopping; we know that Black Friday discounts are hard to pass up; instead, Green Friday is all about being more mindful and maybe opting to shop at a sustainable business rather than heading to the mall.

At the end of the day, the goal is to be just a little more sustainable and look for eco-friendly alternatives in order to help the planet.

Additionally, while Green Friday encourages people to shop for more sustainable products, it's also a way to motivate people to spend more time with their loved ones in green nature.

So for this holiday season, keep Green Friday in mind, and let's all be just a bit more eco-friendly together.