“To me, Earth is the poetic history and future of human traditions, truths, and innovation. When humanity began, we marveled at the Earth’s magic–a giant rock hurtling through space, somehow still sustaining life through it all. For some, scientific revolution took away the magic. For me, though, Earth is still a fascination. I will never stand ungrateful for her resolute rotation – by which I
experienced the stark difference between a Himalayan night and day–or her wild soundscape–a concert of dichotomy that comes together to create an extraordinary soul.”

- Priya Saran, The Momentum’s Content Marketing Manager

A Legacy of Action

1970–activists, students, and Senators joined together across the US to create the first ever Earth Day–merging anti-war energy with public environmental consciousness, Senator Nelson campaigned his plea for mother nature. Sparking inspiration in 20 million American citizens on the impacts of the last 150 years of the industrial assault on the environment, those ignited took to the streets to fire up protests and call for greater protection–

Now–over five decades later more than 1 billion citizens and 190 countries take action every year to continue that spark in the fight for mother earth. But why do we celebrate this day? Why are humans celebrating an entity they have been decimating for centuries? Conceptive responsibility–we were planted on Earth, after every flora and fauna was birthed upon it, with the tools to create and destroy. Because we hang off the highest mountain, every particle that trickles down below us looks at us for the inevitable future.

“Earth Day is a friendly reminder that we’re not separate from nature, but rather an integral part of

–Dayana Sabatin, The Momentum’s Senior Content Producer

Over the Years
Those in constant support have achieved monumental feats–the Endangered Species Act that covers the protection of gray wolves; the creation of the Canopy Project, a global reforestation effort with tens of millions of trees planted since 2010; pushing the ceiling on prioritizing environmental literacy and climate change education; and the enactment of decade long series of protection, restoration, conservation, and preservation legislation.

“Sustainability is one of my guiding core values, and ties into my personal WHY: From those before, for those after, for the benefit of all.”

–Drew Keske, The Momentum’s Director of Operations and Experiences

The Earth isn’t just about the soil we walk on, the food we consume, or the water we wade in, it’s about the individuals we share the space with. It’s about treating each other how you would treat a broken wing, a dying flower, or an ill animal–hopefully with kindness, protection, and vigor.

Driven minds spark change, there are so many ways to get involved in the livelihood of the Earth. Start small–

  • Plant a garden–grow your own vegetables, fruit, herbs & flowers
  • Buy sustainable household products and clothing
  • Donate to local, national, or international charities that have the same purpose you do
  • Parade on the Earth Day website to create a sustainability plan, and collect stronger ideas on how to dive in deep!
  • Please, do NOT get discouraged by the news, social media, or public word–that information can be intimidating and frightening. Keep your eye on the green price and continue on, the Earth needs our help and it's up to us!

“When we come together as a community to celebrate sustainability + conservation efforts, and showcase solutions, we understand how we are all a part of this together. We get to see different ways to be involved, share stories, collaborate, and appreciate each other + our home on Planet Earth. Perhaps we learn something new, make a new friend, or find a way to get more involved. It is an important reminder that every day is truly Earth Day! And to enjoy this amazing, beautiful Earth that we get to call home.”


Surround yourself in a community of like-minded, environmentally intelligent people by attending our Blue Sessions! Hosted by The Momentum in partnership with 1% For the Planet, immerse yourself and build strong communal connections through the intimate hands-on experiences, educational conversations and responsible bites. Sustainability can not be made easier and or more accessible, join our discussions to become further inspired.

“I’ve spent my whole life chasing fun in outdoor pursuits. From the mountains to the sea, our natural world has given so much. Earth Day is a symbol of recognition that our stewardship is essential to take care of the planet that takes care of us.”

–Dave Valentine, The Momentum’s Managing Editor