Happy Plant a Flower Day! With Spring right around the corner, its arrival means the blossoming of extraordinary flowers. This is when gardening season begins! The warming sunshine and fresh air paired with the mixture of vibrant colors is a match made in nature. Those of all ages and generations can channel their inner green thumb and fill their garden and house with beauty. This can be a bonding experience for many, and even brighten someone’s day. Flowers are used as messages without words, for friendship, love, empathy, romance, celebration or loss. The beauty of flowers has been admired for centuries and continues to grow on. 

Celebrate this beautiful day by – 

  • Starting or continuing on an at home garden
  • Visit your local greenhouse for inspiration and product ideas
  • Bring your friends, partner, family, or even just yourself to your local arboretums or nature fields
  • Go out into nature! Walk or hike through a park, or trail. Connect with nature and absorb the beauty it has to offer.
  • Support your local nature preserves or join an environmental organization. There is no better time to put in positive changing efforts for the environment, than on a day of honoring that very thing. 
  • Bring a loved one a flower to show your appreciation. This gesture has a 100% guarantee acceptance rate.  

Live in a more industrial area? Don’t worry, fabulous and amazing flower fields and equivalents are easy to come by. Any local arboretum is equipped with hundreds to thousands of various flowers and plants, all for the eyes to see. Some arboretums even have greenhouses for customers and goers to purchase their own plants and take a little token home. If you’re located in the Southern California area, another great option is The Flower Fields, an annual celebration of the blossom of flowers in Carlsbad – greet intricately planted flowers with fun music, food, and kid friendly activities. 

Planting flowers, plants, trees, or any type of foliage can be seen as a therapeutic experience and something to look at as an accomplishment. Planting foliage is also a great way to bring oxygen back into the atmosphere. Even on a small backyard level, bringing fresh beauty into your home can significantly increase the air quality – and overall happiness.