Happy World Wildlife Day!

Recognized and celebrated annually on March 3rd, World Wildlife Day brings an opportunity for mass appreciation. There is an incalculable value to nature and the resources it provides. Billions of people around the world have the privilege of benefitting daily from these resources – from food, to energy sources, to medicine, to materials and more. Unfortunately because of the production acceleration of these resources, many species of plants and animals are becoming endangered, or extinct. March 3rd is a day of celebration but also a day of remembrance of the urgent necessity to fight for these disappearing resources and animals. Human activity has social, environmental and economical impacts all over the world, but providing sustainable alternatives and preventing potential downfalls can guide nature in a more stable direction. 

This year, World Wildlife Day will be celebrated with the theme: “Partnerships for wildlife conservation,” overall honoring and bringing exposure to individuals and organizations making a difference. The UN is also celebrating a special partnership, the 50th anniversary of the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.” This international convention is a governmental agreement spanning across the globe that ensures that international trade of wild plants and animals does not threaten the survival and stability of the species. Today, it guarantees coverage and protection to over 37,000 species. 

UN agencies, private government sectors, conservation organizations, philanthropies and other organizations keep working together in accordance with the UN to provide prevention, protection and sustainability for global wildlife. Continuously fighting against illegal poaching, trades and decimation of species.

Get Involved! 

  • Donate to local, national, or global organizations. 
  • Sign legitimate petitions against poaching, trades, and other illegal works.
  • Research and educate yourself on the everchanging current events and news.
  • Vote! Research and vote for local representatives, and politicians that fight for the conservation of wildlife – whether through policy implementation, charitable donations, or hands-on work.

The stability and survival of wildlife is crucial for the planet’s ecosystem and the continuation of human livelihood. Realizing that we are the problem, and fighting to do what we can to fix it, will help put all life back on track.