With everyone becoming more aware of the environment and hoping to implement a little bit more sustainability into their own lives, sustainable bartending and zero waste cocktails are becoming the next best thing.

Sustainable cocktails are ones that are more intertwined with nature. You're focusing on minimizing natural resources and conserving energy. Essentially, you're throwing away fewer leftovers and utilizing the full potential of a single ingredient.

With that being said, if you're interested in being more mindful about your drinking, or you're hoping to be a little bit more sustainable when you make your homemade cocktails, here are a few tips. 


Dehydrating fruit can last you quite a few months if done correctly, and they're easier to keep and can make your drink look incredibly aesthetic. If you don't have a dehydrator, just put your fruit in the oven at low heat, and keep them for your evening cocktail. However, make sure to store them in cool and dry places, and make sure they’re in an airtight container.

Farm to Glass

Ever heard of ‘farm to table’? Well, this is just like that. You’re focusing on utilizing ingredients straight from where they're grown and straight to your drink. 

Think going to the farmers market and using whatever fresh fruit and herbs they offer. 

There's also less packaging, and secondly, the ingredients are fresher.

Grow your own ingredients

Once a herb is picked, it begins to die; however, if you're growing your own herbs, the time between picking them and making a drink is shortened, so your drink is more flavorful and fresher. 

What does sustainability have to do with that? Well, instead of buying a whole pre-cut pack of herbs from the store, you're simply cutting the amount you need.