Many don't go out of their way to be more eco-friendly in their life because they think that the changes they have to make are expensive and/or require them to go out of their way. However, the truth is there are several easy and affordable swaps you can make.

Buy a reusable coffee mug from your favorite coffee shop

Most coffee shops have started to sell reusable coffee cups, so instead of going to your favorite café and using single-use cups all the time, invest in a reusable one and bring it with you wherever you go. Some coffee shops even offer small discounts if you bring your own.

Swap your tea bag out with a tea strainer

Instead of using tea bags, purchase a tin of loose-leaf tea and a strainer. Paper tea bags have toxins and dioxins, and Epichlorohydrin is the pesticide most commonly found in tea bags because it is used to coat tea bags to improve "wet strength.". Instead, get yourself a tea strainer and opt for buying loose-leaf tea for toxin-free tea.

Buy bar soap instead of liquid soap

It's a common misconception that refillable liquid soap dispensers are more sanitary; however, these dispensers can easily get in touch with bacteria and a plastic container that isn't easily recycled. Opt for bar soap instead, and bonus, many bar soaps can be found naked without a wrapper—A+ for no plastic.