Whatever things you've done to make your life more environmentally friendly, you can bring that mindset to the gym, too. This way, you're not only looking after your body, but you're paying attention to the environment and after the world. 

With that being said, here are a few ideas on how to be more conscientious while being active.

Put An Eco-Friendly Twist On Your Workout Attire

Focus on purchasing clothing that is made with fewer chemicals, recycled, or sustainable materials. You can also invest in eco-friendly yoga mats, towels, and sneakers.

If you have the ability to choose, why not opt for the less harmful one? Bonus: Donate your sneakers when you're ready to trade up.

BYO Water Bottle

Most gyms sell water bottles, but they're almost always plastic bottles. 

Carry your own water bottle when you work out—and make sure you don't lose it. 

Swap The Gym For Nature Occasionally

One small way to reduce your footprint is to get your exercise outdoors.

You could run, go on a bike ride, do outdoor yoga, or walk. And if not, try to swap driving to the gym for biking or jogging (or walking). You'll get some cardio out of the way, save a little money on gas and put fewer pollutants into the atmosphere.