We have the ability to make choices that have the potential to save our environment and other species. These choices range from picking out certain types of food to the products we purchase to the cars we drive. Ultimately, there’s a lot we can do to reduce our environmental footprint, and here are a few ways to do so:

Avoid products that endanger wildlife

Certain products harm endangered species by threatening their habitat, so to avoid contributing to the endangerment of wildlife, try your best to shop conscientiously and look for products made from sustainable materials like bamboo.

Pay attention to labels

Options nowadays are limitless, and it can get pretty overwhelming when choosing to buy a product. However, there are a few clear leaders to pay attention to when it comes to minimizing your impact on the planet.

If you’re a coffee drinker, buy “shade-grown” coffee, which is grown while keeping forest habitats intact for migratory birds as well as other species. Also, opt for Fair Trade certified goods when possible to support companies dedicated to sustainable production.


Drive less, and drive green

By changing your driving habits, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Opt for walking, biking, carpooling or even using public transportation whenever possible. Try to combine your errands to make fewer trips. It’s also critical to maintain your car with regular tune-ups as well as tire inflations because tune-ups can increase your fuel efficiency by 4-40%, and if every American kept their tires inflated, gas use nationwide could decrease by 2%.