Plastic is everywhere. It's in almost all packaging; grocery bags, water bottles, milk jugs, coffee cans, condiment containers, etc. 

Even synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon also contain forms of plastic. 

If you're trying to find ways to reduce your footprint on this earth, nothing that is worth doing is ever easy, but by doing your part, despite how small it might feel, you're making a massive difference in the grand scheme of things. With that being said, here are a few ways you can start eliminating plastic from your life. 

Buy spices in bulk

Instead of purchasing numerous little plastic containers of spices, buy in bulk and then put them in reusable bags or glass jars. 

Buy fresh produce without plastic packaging

While it's important to utilize farmers' markets to reduce your dependence on grocery stores, if you do go to a grocery store, opt for veggies and fruit without the plastic packaging.

Say no to plastic utensils

Plastic utensils don't even work that well. They break and clog up our landfills; just avoid them. 

Don't buy soda

If you do choose to buy soda or juice, purchase the ones in glass bottles. 

Find milk packaged in glass

If you can't source your own local raw, or at the very least non-homogenized milk, try to find milk in glass. It helps protect the temperature longer, no weird chemicals will leach into your milk, and the bottles are reusable.

Take a look at your personal care products

Use bar soap, check labels (polyethylene is a common ingredient and is plastic), use shampoo bars, or try using natural conditioners.